"Superior Knowledge"

Eric Holders “Superior Knowledge” questioned

Evidence is not evidence, truth is not truth, facts are not facts: Obumblers appointee for the DoJ is a lying weasel, just like the Manchurian Moonbat himself:

 Holder Pressed on DOJ’s Involvement in Fast & Furious, Dismisses Evidence.    “No one knew about the tactics.”—Read More »

In other news,

Hussein Obama has reaffirmed the OAS resolution calling for negotiations on the “status” of the Falkland Islands — or, as Mr. Obama prefers to call them, the Malvinas (when he’s not calling them the “Maldives”).Washington Reaffirms OAS Resolution Calling for Falklands Negotiations With Argentina (GOV)

But hey; at least he is ‘more intelligent than George W. Bush!’

Dumber than dirt liberal BS:

Liberals, no matter how hard they try, produce never more  than mental flatliners:

McRHINO: ‘Highest Levels of the White House’ Responsible for Recent National Security Leaks—

“A Trillion Here, a Trillion There”

“Socialist New Party” is code for “Communist Party”
Indoctrinated college kids have no reason to know any better. But everyone else should have seen the writing on the wall. Obama is “unsustainable”.
Scribblers be warned: if you keep masking Obama’s background you’re engaged in an act of treason!
Obumbler is -and always was- a Marxist Muslim from way back when, just like the daddy of his dreams. But don’t wait for him to admit it:

But Nothing Beats Mooch:

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  1. First Lady ??? First SOW is more like it ! She’s a disgace to the black race.

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