The coming race wars

Religion of Dumbing Down:

Chose your parents well:  Its not fair to be white…!

Stunning Ad Blasts ‘White Privilege’

Mosaic of diversity:

Mob of black men beat Brooklyn Jew while screaming dirty Jew.

The anti Jewish attacks that have swept over Brooklyn New York recently have reached a shocking new level.

The Orthodox Jewish community of Brooklyn was hit with a fierce assault, a series of thefts from the synagoguesand anti-Semitic vandalism targetingsynagogues and Jewish neighborhoods.

The most disturbing incident of all was that a mob of six black teenagers yelling, “Dirty Jew” and “dirty kike!” while repeatedly beating Heinberg Marc, 61, while walking home from the Synagogue in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn New York on Friday night

Rodney gone. We will never get along again

He had everything it takes to be president of the United States….

Elizabeth Warren Says ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ Behind Cherokee Activists Protesting Her Ancestry Claims

“It’s cowardly to ride the coattails of people who have lost so much…”– she’s a hero with high cheeks or cheekbones or just cheeky…..   Read More »

Scratch the surface and you find another black racist:

“We did a really good thing when we elected Barack Obama.”—244 Comments » (I bet you anything Morgan wouldn’t wanna be poor again…)

Dumb Scum:

9 thoughts on “The coming race wars”

  1. Like most entertainers who are stupid enough to open their mouths in public, Morgan Freeman comes across as a complete idiot. It will not be something I can forget the next time I see him in a film.

  2. No Elizabeth, they Cherokee tribe, know a phoney poseur when they see one and don’t appreciate you appropriating their culture for political whoring.

    Sigh. Agreed when*pigs*fly, another actor I won’t see.

  3. I’m sick to death of the uptick in reverse racism I’ve been seeing lately. Teaching whites to be ashamed of who they are, doesn’t change the fact that without whites the world would not be as advanced as it is today. Anyone who hates or resents whites should try living in a muslim or African country for a while. Should they survive I’m sure they will have a whole new appreciation for white skin.

    And “whitey”, teach your children to be proud of who they are, because they’re teaching them to be ashamed in the primary grades..

    1. So true.

      One has to fear for the worst when you send kids to school these days.

      They get indoctrinated with ‘globull worming’, with hatred for their own culture and civilisation, they are told not to breed to save the earth, they are brainwashed to believe all cultures are equal but their own is the worst, but we have a responsibility to feed all the failed nations of the world, especially mohammedan ones and the Africans on top.

      Perhaps its time to establish a deprogramming school, a detox facility for white kids damaged by multiculti and commie race hucksters.

  4. I’ve tried twice to post about reverse racism and twice the posts have disappeared. What gives?

  5. Fjordman File updates

    It’s difficult to relate to people who on the one hand claim that there is no such thing as race, and on the other hand that the white race is uniquely evil. The very term “white racism” indicates that there is such a thing as “whites”, and since this term is not normally used to describe Arabs or Pakistanis, we may conclude that they are not included in this category.

  6. I have no idea why the views and opinions of these idiotic actors are given so much credence. Hollywood is full of dumb morons who failed at school and could only do drama as befitting their tiny minds

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