The "We don't want to offend other cultures" Disease Spreads

WTF is wrong with  people like this?

“Offend” what other “cultures”? The anti-American subset culture? The refusal to assimilate immigrant subculture? Who cares? Certainly not I. This is America!

‘We Don’t Want to Offend Other Cultures’: N.Y. Principal Reportedly Scraps ‘God Bless the USA’ From School Program–Read More »  (pictured: principal Greta Hawkins)


Say No To German Patriotism! (GOV)

The playbook of subversion at work: make a people hate themselves, make them hate their culture and civilization and then watch how they destroy themselves:

European football championship: The left says no to the german flag (Vlad Tepes)

Commies are out in force telling people how they may, and may not identify themselves. This needs to be nipped in the bud, like other pernicious and fascist tendencies, if left unchecked, results in real horror in the long term. One way or the other.

Destroy the minds of people, teach kids to hate themselves before they even  learn who their enemies are:

This is becoming typical of German lefties who  reject any kind of patriotism. There are many photos on the internet about an action in which unknown people furiously rip flags from the cars. Here you can read their reasons for this: The left says no to the german flag

2 thoughts on “The "We don't want to offend other cultures" Disease Spreads”

  1. Yes, we do want to offend other cultures . If they choose to live in a Western country and are offended by our allegiance and love for our culture & country then we sure as hell do wish to offend them. If they are offended they can turn in their citizenship and go home because they shouldn’t be in the “offensive” country in the first place. And take the PC/MC brainwashed assholes with you..

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