"There will never be sharia under my government…"

Granted, Jooliar Gillard never said that, but  if she did we should be even more worried. Because in the end “its the right thing to do”, just like the ‘carbon tax’ and ‘globull worming’.

And, since allah wills it, its happening already:

Global Islamic Finance Standards Come to Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and New Zealand
PR Newswire/DUBAI, UAE,  thanks to Mullah

Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance, the most heavily-enrolled Islamic finance program in the world, will be the first globally recognized institute to bring fully AAOIFI-compliant certification to Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and New Zealand. AAOIFI is the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions, the de facto standard for over 90% of the world’s jurisdictions.

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