Turning Reality on its Head

With links from Andrew Bolt

Labor opens the floodgates and Australia’s PRAVDA blames the opposition for not  wearing brown lipstick: splashed on the front page of yesterday’s Age, written by a commentator with no faith in what he actually advocates:

‘’The media’s main role is to report the news, not to make the news.’’

 Australia’s Bolsheviks are on a mission, and its not a mission from G-d……

Criticism is heresy:  

Labor plans to punish its media criticsLabor believes that it will be able to justify a media crackdown. This is the kind of talk you’d expect from a dictator, not a modern Australian political party.

The AGE, Australia’s Pravda, is hammering Tony Abbott and the Coalition as though they caused the boat people disaster:

The readers of the Sydney Moonbat Herald are  deliberately misinformed, here.

And on they come:

ANOTHER asylum boat carrying about 100 people was detected just a few nautical miles from Christmas Island last night, as MPs are urged to put lives before politics following a day of bullying, bickering and tears in the nation’s capital.

This starts to sound like a deadly tactic:

Another boat believed to be carrying asylum seekers heading for Australia is reportedly in trouble….ABC is reporting a distress call was received by Australian authorities this morning, a day after a vessel carrying about 130 people sank north of Christmas Island with at least one life lost, sparking intense scenes in Parliament. 

Again many lives are put at risk by smugglers who know how to game Labor’s present system. Not that gaming Labor is a great challenge. –-Tim Blair

“Political game shows appalling inhumanity”…   More on that  sinking that galvanised Parliament yesterday:

But the true story, as former Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull told Parliament yesterday, is that “we had an experiment” tried on our border laws by Labor in 2008.

That experiment, backed by reporters now vilifying Abbott, led to the worst loss of life of probably any government policy not involving war.

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