WHITE people in South Africa should give up their wealth to assist the nation…

“Social Justice” coming to South Africa.

Or are they calling it “Climate Justice” now? Or is it “eat the rich?”

ANC youth leader Ronald Lamola called for whites to give up their wealth.  He also called on the government to seize land from white farmers in South Africa.

This is going to work out beautifully.


The ANC just imposed a 40% tax on asprin.

(Because it’s white and it works.)

Btw: there is a genocide going on in South Africa:

8 thoughts on “WHITE people in South Africa should give up their wealth to assist the nation…”

  1. South Africa has been edging–by which I mean leaping and bounding–toward the Zimbabwean model of development for a while now. I guess the prototype worked so well under Mugabe that the ANC can’t wait to emulate it fully.

    I feel bad for the white South Africans, who built a modern, vibrant, European society out of wilderness, at a high cost in blood, toil, tears, and sweat . . . but they should have seen where it would lead. All they had to do was look at the post-colonial slide to dysfunctional kleptocracy of the countries to their north. Oh well, I do hope as many of them as can get out of there as soon as possible, and God help those who can’t. As to the balance of the population . . . they deserve the fruits of their anti-colonial, anti-Western, black supremacist ideology.

    P. S.: Wanna bet that the fleeing whites will be blamed by our _bien pensants_ for the debacle that follows the full implementation of Mugabeism?

  2. Oh dear, I’m afraid I omitted the antecedent to _it_ in the phrase, “. . . they should have seen where it would lead.” As the reader has probably deduced, _it_ refers to the devolution of power to the ANC terrorists, in exchange for unenforceable promises of good behavior toward whites in post-apartheid S. A. That sort of agreement only works when dealing with polities that are so ethical such an accord is unnecessary to begin with.

  3. I am appalled at the treatment of the whites there. They were forced to surrender a system that protected them from this dysfunction, which they were aware would emerge once it was dismantled.

    When the world demanded that apartheid system be dismantled we did not have all the facts. Their government got replaced with idiots with a tribal mentality.

  4. As always ,we can thank the good ol’ USA for screwing up another thriving country and handing it back to pre-adamite primates.There isn’t a black nation in the world that has not imploded when Whitey left.

    Let the savages destroy themselves!

  5. Blacks in South africa will kill or chase away all the Whites then go after the asians .Then there will be no one left to do the work.

  6. Honey,
    The PC morons we were stupid enough to elect as leaders did have the facts – and it was known that the best way to destroy South Africa was to hand it back to the terrorists of the ANC etc. Mandela is probably a very good person, but most black South African leaders are not, as demonstrated by Lamola.

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