The 'Golden Age of Africa"- Zimbabwe, Mali & Nigeria


Comedy Gold from Sowdi Barbaria:

Tariq A. Al Maeena is completely delinked:

Islam has no link with these thugs

For having the gall to label themselves Islamists, they should be rounded up and put in front of an execution squad. No excuses. Islam has no links in relation to the acts of these thugs.

By the 12th century, Timbuktu had become a famous centre of Islamic learning, with three distinguished universities and more than 180 schools.

Many call it the golden age of Africa. This love for knowledge and the arts that had brought Islam to medieval Europe in the Dark Ages and led to many great scholars and discoveries continued in this African city for several centuries as well. Books were not only written in Timbuktu, but were also imported and copied there. At the time, there was an unparalleled book industry flourishing in this fabled city. The universities and private libraries contained incomparable scholarly works. (via Mullah—More comedy gold at

Sharia being enforced in Timbuktu Mali    (Vlad Tepes video)

That’s what will happen if Obama gets a second term:

Zimbabwe Mugabe gives banks a year to hand over shares

HARARE (Reuters) – Zimbabwe has given foreign-owned banks one year to hand over 51 percent stakes to locals, according to a government notice, as President Robert Mugabe ramps up a drive to force all foreign-owned businesses to surrender majority control to blacks. (wonder why it took so long)

FP discovers the jihad in Nigeria and wonders:   Is Nigeria the Next Front in the War on Terror?

The country’s “sectarian violence” is getting out of control.

Really? Jihad is not “sectarian violence”.  Jihad, my dear   DAVEED GARTENSTEIN-ROSS from FP, is a religious war with those who are unbelievers in the mission of Muhammad …  for the purpose of advancing Islam.  Muslims, the soldiers of allah, believe they have a religious mandate to make the world Islamic and to wipe out unbelievers.

The jihad in Nigeria has been going on for a long time. The “war on terror” is based on a fantasy. We are right in the middle of the oldest war in the world. (And we pretend its not happening!)

Violence between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria is drawing the country ever closer to a religious war. (jihad in Nigeria has been raging for a long time, where have you been sleeping, Gartenstein?) The instigator of this conflict is Boko Haram, an Islamist movement whose very name means “Western education is forbidden.” If the Nigerian government can’t stop this conflict from spiraling out of control, expect the United States to step in — albeit with a relatively light hand — to tip the scales against Boko Haram.  (Unlikely under Obama. If he does, he will side with the Muslims, he made that clear from the beginning.)

Iranians in Kenya

‘Iran agents planned to hit US and British targets in Kenya’Two Iranian agents arrested with explosives planned to attack US, British, Israeli or Saudi Arabian targets in Kenya, officials have claimed.

Officials told the Associated Press news agency that the plot appears to fit into a global pattern of attacks or attempted attacks by Iranian agents, mostly against Israeli interests.

The Sufi Shrines of Timbuktu

Mali Islamic supremacists on destruction of shrines: “The destruction is a divine order”

The general Islamic term for the period of history before the advent of Islam, as well as the pre-Islamic period of any nation’s history, is jahiliyya, or the period of ignorance and barbarism. Consequently, any art, literature, or architecture that any non-Islamic culture produces has no value whatsoever: it is all simply a manifestation of that ignorance and barbarism.

LAGOS, Nigeria — Nigeria’s army says suspected sect members (Boko Haram Islamic Terrorists) have gruesomely killed nine builders in a northeastern city. (They slit their throats…)

The victims were from Nigeria’s predominantly Christian south.

Officials have underreported casualties before for fear of reprisals, especially when attacks involve people of differing religions. The way WaPo reports this, it sounds just as if they’re afraid of reprisals, too…..

 Sudan Blames ‘Zionists’

KHARTOUM (Reuters) – Sudan accused unnamed “Zionist institutions” on Sunday of fanning anti-government protests as it tries to snuff out disturbances which echo Arab Spring unrest elsewhere.