Pakis Deport 400.000 Afghan Muslim Refugees, No Outrage


Pakistan is deporting 400,000 Afghan Muslim refugees and nobody says a word?

But when Europe, the UK, Australia, or the U.S. tries to get rid of their illegal Muslim infiltrators, or keep out the phony asylum seekers, the UN and Amnesty International scream bloody murder.  It’s time for the West to ban ALL Muslim immigration and kick out the rest of the Muslim riff raff sucking the government teat dry.

There are 57 Muslim countries, send them there.  (BNI)

Dare to compare:

IRAQ refuses to take back Iraqi asylum seekers from Denmark who have been denied asylum


”These expulsions are unacceptable and against international conventions that forbid sending anyone back to a country where their safety is threatened,” Lars Normann Joergensen, the head of Amnesty Denmark, told AFP.

So now Denmark can’t even send back Iraqi criminals convicted of serious crimes, because  Leftist scum of Amnesty International’s Danish section can’t wait to have their own throats cut by these halal butchers. (BNI)

2 thoughts on “Pakis Deport 400.000 Afghan Muslim Refugees, No Outrage”

  1. If they can’t go back then give them an offer. We pay em they go back. If not they don’t get any citizenship or permanent rights. If they commit murder or rape and they are not a citizen they should be executed.

  2. Ok something has to happen. This is getting too much the refugees then they think they can go wherever they want and they open up the convenience stores and they distribute bath salts and who the heck knows what else. There is going to a point where people wake up and put an end to it. No more immigrants getting to take advantage of the people who were born in this country it isn’t right. They can take their sick attitudes and all go back to Pakiland or where the hell ever.

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