Anal Sex Approved by Allah and Prophet Muhammad

Homosexuals & Pedophiles

American doctors are trying to teach Afghani men that they are getting sexually transmitted diseases from the anal sex they are having with each other. The docs are telling these men that they must stop the practice.

The problem is, though, that these Afghani men refuse to take the doctor’s advice because they say it is their cultural practice. In fact, they say that the Koran tells them to do this.

The Fox report includes this statement by an Afghani that surely reflects his cultural bias on the issue. The report mentions that the U.S. medical personnel was trying to tell these men that sex with women will keep them from getting these diseases. The Fox News report said, “when it was explained to him what was necessary, he reacted with disgust and asked:

‘How could one feel desire to be with a woman, who God has made unclean, when one could be with a man, who is clean? Surely this must be wrong.’”

Anal Sex Approved by Allah and Prophet Muhammad

Sex in Islam 6 July 2012
By Amar Khan

In Pakistan, the mullahs are notorious for child abuse and molestation. Every day, we hear news about a mullah sodomizing his beardless student. It is very common in Pakistan. Almost every one knows what happens in madrassas. Even one of my friends narrowly escaped from being sodomized by his Quranic teacher when he was taking the Quran memorizing lessons.

But why do these mullahs commit such a thing, allegedly condemned in Islam? Muslims are most vocal in commending sodomy, homosexuality in words? They are known to attack homosexuals in Europe.

Answer is that, according to them, masturbation is haram. Seeing any na mehram girl is also prohibited. The only way left to satisfy their lusty desires is to sodomize one of their pupils. While reading from a shia Website,, I came across the fact that the root of sodomy lies in the Islamic text and history. Here are some examples of the gems from the history and authentic books of Sunni Islam.

Umar indulged in sodomy and Allah was forced to legitimize
this practise in the Qur’an

For evidence you can consult the following texts:

  • Jami al Tirmidhi,
    Bab al Tafseer Volume 2, page 382, ‘Ayat Hars’
  • Fathul Bari Volume
    8 page 191 Kitab Tafseer Ayat Hars
  • Gharab al Qur’an
    Volume 3 page 249 Ayat Hars
  • Tafseer al Ibn
    Katheer Volume 1 page 261
  • Fayl ai Lawathar
    Volume 6 page 229
  • Tafseer Qurtubi
    Volume 1 page 92 Ayat Hars

Lets quote verbatim from Jami al Tirmidhi [Bab
al Tafseer Vol. 2, p. 382, ‘Ayat Hars’

“Ibn Abbas narrates that
Hadhrath Umar went before Rasulullah (s) and “Master I am
destroyed!’. Rasulullah (s) asked ‘what thing has destroyed you?’.
Umar replied last night I had anal sex. Rasulullah (s) did not
give a reply to Umar, then Allah (swt) sent down this revelation
“Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when
or how ye will; the words ‘kabool wa Dhabar‘ (the anus is

Abdullah Ibn Umar deemed sodomy to Halaal, like his old man.

For evidence, please consult the following authentic Sunni texts:

  • Tafseer Durre
    Manthur Volume 1 page 264 Ayat Hars
  • Tafseer Qasmi
    Volume 2 page 220, by Jamaladeen Qasmi
  • Tafseer Qurtubi
    page 92 Ayat Hars

Here is the direct quote from Tafseer Durre Manthur:

“Traditions wherein Abdullah ibn
Umar believed sodomy with women are well known and Sahih”.

Ulema of Madina believed that sodomy was halaal.

Please see the following Sunni sources:

  • Fayl al Lawathar
    Volume 6 page 154 Kitab Nikah, Bab Mut’ah
  • Tafseer Qasmi
    Volume 2 page 223 Ayat Hars
  • Tafseer Ibn Katheer
    Volume 1 page 262 Ayat Hars
  • Fathul Bari Volume
    8 page 191 Ayat Hars

  • Tafseer Mazhari, Volume 3, Page 19

Quoting directly from Fayl al Lawathar:

“Imam Auzai stated of the Fatwas
from Hijaaz that are famous, one fatwa is from the people of Makka
is that is that they deemed Mut’ah with women to be permissible,
the other from the people of Madina, that sodomy with women is


Ibn Kathir in his Tafseer also stated:

“Statements on the
permissibility of sodomy with women have come from the jurists of

Companions of mohammed deemed sodomy with women to be permissible

We read in Tafseer Qurtubi Volume 3 page 93 Ayat Hars:

“Fatwas on the permissibility of
sodomy with women Saeed bin Maseeb Nafi, ibn Umar, Muhammad bin
Kab, Abdul Malik, Imam Malik, a large group amongst the Sahaba and
Tabaeen deemed sodomy to be permissible”.

Imam Sha’afi deemed sodomy to be permissible!

Please see the following Sunni texts:

  • Tafseer Durre
    Manthur Volume 1 page 266, Ayat Hars
  • Tafseer Ruh al
    Ma’ani page 125, Ayat Hars
  • Tafseer Ahkam al
    Qur’an Volume 1 page 265
  • Tafseer Qasmi
    Volume 2 page 228 Baqarah Verse 223
  • Al Mahzoorath page

We read in Tafseer Durre Manthur:

“On sodomy with women, Imam
Sha’afi no Sahih narration’s have reached us from Rasulullah (s)
as to whether it is halaal or haraam and logic suggests that this

Imam of Ahl’ul Sunnah Abu Maleeka suggested ‘in times of trouble’
use a stick!’

We read in Tafseer Durre Manthur Ayat Hars:

“Abu Maleeka was asked whether
it was permissible to practise sodomy with women. He replied ‘Last
night I practised sodomy with my servant, penetration became
difficult hence I sought the assistance of a stick”.

Imam Malik believed sodomy with women was halaal

We read in the following Sunni sources:

Quoting verbatim from Ahkam al Qur’an:

“Sahil asked Imam Malik ‘is
sodomy with women permissible? Imam Malik replied ‘I just did this
act and have just washed by sexual organs”.


Imam Abu Hanifa’s esteemed student Ibn Mubarak was also a

We also read in ‘Muhadarat al-‘udaba‘, p. 199, Chapter 1,
Al hada al Saani” that:

“Hakim Tabaristan made Abdullah
bin Mubarak a Judge, who was addicted to the anus (Homosexual) he
asked the Hakim ‘Sir I need some men who can help you” Hakim said
I was aware of your need before this”.

The Salaf deem it permissible to pray Salat behind a
homosexual Imam

We read in Sahih al Bukhari, p. 96, Kitab Bab ul Salaat, narrates
a tradition from Zuhri [Sahih
al-Bukhari, p. 96, 1375 AH print

“The Imamate of a mukhanath at a
time of necessity is Sahih”.


Note: Arabic word “Mukhanath” means homosexual.
This hadith has been removed from the English version of Bukhari,
but exists in old copies of Arabic version. E.g. this 1375 Hijri

So I think that the mullahs sodomizing little girls and boys are
not wrong at all they are just following the Sunnah of the prophet
and his companions.

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  1. 1 in 5 Muslims “avoids contact with gays”

    Is it our responsibility to make them like each other?

    Research conducted by the sociologist Marc Hooghe (Leuven University) shows that Muslim youngsters, especially boys, are less tolerant towards gays than Belgian youngsters in general. However, gay hate has seen a significant fall over the past years, Gazet van Antwerpen en Het Belang van Limburg report.
    Marc Hooghe studied the evolution of homophobia among 2,815 Belgian youngsters at the age of 16, 18 and 21. Respondents had to answer different questions, including the question “Do you avoid contact with homosexuals?”

    21.8 percent of the Muslim respondents answered “yes”, which equals more than 1 in 5. The number is more than 7 times the result seen among those who don’t adhere to any religion, and 4 times the result among Catholic respondents.

    However, in general, gay hate is going down. “It’s only among Muslim youngsters that gay hate remains particularly high. We even see a small rise compared to previous years”, explains Marc Hooghe.

    The intolerance applies to Muslim boys in particular. “Muslim girls are much more tolerant than the boys, although on average they are still less tolerant than the rest of the population. This is mainly due to the influence of their religion.”

    Campaigns to tackle homophobia and gay hate crime should be addressed particularly to Muslims, Marc Hooghe suggests, adding that “it’s important that such initiatives come from within the Muslim community.”

  2. adding that “it’s important that such initiatives come from within the Muslim community.”

    And if it doesnt? What then? More money for education of Muslims? And if that doesnt work, as has been shown from experience, what then? Educate the Dutch to start hating homosexuals? Make Islam the religion of the state?

    Are these people stupid? Is there no limit to their stupidity? How did we get here, where only the criminally stupid or insane, are allowed into the halls of power?

    When are these politicians who have led the Dutch through the gates of hell and to hell, going to be prosecuted for treason?

  3. Well, I say tell the doctors to stop telling afghan men about the effects of sodomy. Let them ALL do it! Aids and the other liver killer, hepatitis B will be their reward. Good riddance for an ugly type of people. Damned worthless throat cutters.

  4. Hamzar,
    Fear us you stupid muslim idiot. Allah is a figment of your imagination, and we will destroy you when the time comes.

  5. I believe it is the pentup sexual frustration that leads these men to act out unnatural acts upon each other. You see it in prisons all over the world. In the case of the muslims, it is encouraged in the koran. With that in mind, I would never allow any of these people near my young children. I have also heard that beastality is not uncommon among these people.

  6. Fake ‘words of Hadith’, and pseudo researcher,

    Enjoy, death is the solution for every ignorant actor.

  7. You may not like that the truth gets out, Usman, but everything above is well substantiated, researched and evidenced. So before engaging in false accusations, slander and threatening us “ignorant pseudo actors” with death, wouldn’t it be better to did your own research to prove us wrong?

    These are your scriptures, Usman, not ours.

  8. These qutations are all out of context. As jews used to think tht if one enters (in vagina)her wife from behind then the a cook eyed child is born. so, remove this misconception, muslims are allowed to enter (in vagina only) their wives as they wish. foolowing is one of many quotations:
    “On the day of resurrection, Allah will not look at a man who had intercourse with his wife in her anus”—Narrated by Ibn Abi Shayba, 3/529; narrated and classed as sahih by Sunan al-Tirmidhi, 1165
    thts how extreme this is consider in ISLAM.

    if we take abt cultural practises e.g, in Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. its because the local society is frustrated and when they dont have much access to women as one has in West, they must marry a woman to fulfill their desire. so, thts why they indulge in homosexulaity, they are actually bisexuals, who will turn to women after marriage or if available.

    Cultures like Pakistan’s, indian, afghans, etc are pretty confused in deciding wheather to follow ISLAM or theirs cultures.

    I think instead of critcism only, one should look at facts too.

  9. I am quite certain people do comment after examining the facts. However, the facts usually do not cast mohammedans in a favourable light. That being the case, a proper mohammedan response would be some self reflection, rather trying to obfuscate over the criticsm.

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