Muslims who get on a boat and risk their lives are not Australia’s responsibility.

These are not people fleeing war

Among the 162 boat people “rescued” after sending fake distress calls just off Indonesia include citizens of at least three countries from which we should not be receiving refugees:

Another boatload of Iraqi, Afghan, Iranian and “Palestinians”

Note that the Fairfax press deliberately shows us pictures of women and children (of which there are few) and never shows closeups of the invading soldiers of allah…..

They are Muslims. Being Muslims they can chose from 57 Islamic nations to take them in. The adherents of Islam have a religious obligation to offer asylum to fellow Muslims.

Having established that fundamental fact, here are 2 imminent questions that must be asked:

  • Are they fleeing from Islam or are they coming to make Australia Islamic?
  • Is it our problem when Muslims persecute their coreligionists?

Reader Jeff wonders:

On 6 December 2011 the then Minister for Home Affairs and Justice Brendan O’Connor presented three new high-speed patrol boats to the Indonesian National Police (INP) in Jakarta, enhancing the region’s joint capability in the fight against people smuggling.

The 16-metre aluminium hull boats are equipped for high-level surveillance and were to be strategically placed by the INP across Indonesian waters to focus on deterring and intercepting people smuggling ventures.

The vessels can operate covertly, taking to the ocean without lighting, and using night vision equipment and infra-red spotlights to light up boats without alerting the suspect vessel.

The boats, built by Australian company Strategic Marine, were due to begin patrolling Indonesian waters in December.

Four INP crews were undertaking familiarisation training courses, including ship handling, maintenance, operations and safety.

The $7.1 million project includes $1 million for ongoing operational costs of the vessels for the next year, to November 2012.

No doubt Gillard will cough up more Australian taxpayer dollars in November for more “ongoing operational costs”.


4 thoughts on “Muslims who get on a boat and risk their lives are not Australia’s responsibility.”

  1. Indeed, look at the harmless woman and child.

    Yet the fact is, that the boats are full of men, with just a few women and children.

    Time and time again, the corrupt, and it has to be said, traitorous Western MSM, misleads the people, with the object to destroy the West. This can only be if the MSM has been taken over by communists/Leftists.

    There has to be a special place in hell for these traitors – 9th level in Hell is suitable, as no punishment on earth fits the crime that the MSM has, and is still perpetrating.

  2. I have some suggestions:
    – Give no physical assisstance at sea
    – Place mines around Christmas Island
    – Arrest and charge anyone in Australia who encourages boat people with sedition.
    I am very angry at and embarrassed by the people who purport to represent me in Parliament. They are all obssesed with self hate.

  3. More and more muslims coming over some lies about asylum. I remember the afghan cabbie who kept bantering on about Aussie women and wanted me to go to some whore house and pay for him! Who let this nutter in? Why the fuck is he here? I am sorry but the minute some muslim colonizer pisses me off I am going to overload on the cunt 10x. Its the government’s fault for letting them in.

  4. People should pay a visit to Captain Emads family and make a suggestion that they return to Kuwait or face the consequences.

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