Burqa Jihad

The despicable Nabila Ramdani sees an opening:

The burqa ban is “discredited”? Proof?

 “There is absolutely no evidence that ‘burqas’ are doing any harm to anyone”.

A law whose authors included a communist and which was passed by the French National Assembly by 335 votes to just one against is merely a “diktat of the Nicolas Sarkozy era”?–The “reporter” is a burk

 “Absolutely no evidence?’

Maybe there is. How do we know its a woman?

A WOMAN tried to rob a bank during a brazen attempted burglary in Melbourne’s southeast last week.

Police are appealing for information after the woman attempted to rob the bank on Springvale Rd, Springvale at 11.15am on July 11.

Attack on police barracks in Pakistan, 4 Taliban killed

(AGI) Dera Ismail Khan – A kamikaze command of Taliban, dressed in burqas, attacked a police barracks in north-west Pakistan.
  The command, dressed in long burqas to hide vests packed with explosives, attacked the barracks in Bannu. During the attack, which lasted 3 hours and involved both the Pakistani police and army in heavy fighting, four militants were killed. A fifth has been arrested by security forces. Responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Taliban from the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan group and left three policemen wounded. One of these, initially thought dead, is in coma. . .

In other news:

Our ferry service working flat out

BOAT carrying 112 suspected asylum seekers has been intercepted off Christmas Island.  The boat was intercepted northwest of the island by Border Protection on Monday night.

Our humanity is killing us. Why do we allow people who hate us to invade our country? Why do we allow them to settle behind what they perceive to be enemy lines?

4 thoughts on “Burqa Jihad”

  1. Full muslim covering – exposing no flesh – results in a vitamin D deficiency, causing rickets in the children subsequently born. This is child abuse.
    Full muslim covering – disguising the face – results in children unable to recognize their mother in public, causing dis associative disorders in subsequent generations. This too is child abuse.
    Full muslim covering – hiding the mouth – makes it impossible for hearing impaired people to understand what the covered person is saying. This leads to misunderstandings, confusion and resentment.
    Full muslim covering – disguising the gender – results in confusion in the host-population and a continuance of the myth that the uncovered women are the equivalent of muslim sex-slaves. This leads to rape.

    Finally, and perhaps in todays PC climate most convincing, I find this display of ideological uniform and the division of ‘pious’ and ’emancipated’ extremely offensive.

  2. Excellent comment I would just like to add to this. Places like Egypt would do well to look at their military and find out ways to improve it. If they can induct females into the service in Israel and have athletic fit females serving and always ready to defend their land then why are Egyptians men in the streets kicking around inbred arab girls in burkas anyway. Get a life grow up. And then maybe when you have a real fit army then you can think about taking over the world or whatever the hell. Until then the jig’s up.

  3. I’ve got a whole collection of burqa-dude news clips I’ve added this one with a link back here.

    These examples serve to remind us that nobody knows who (man, woman, criminal, TERRORIST) or what (contraband, including BOMBS) might be under those facial masks and voluminous robes.

    Ban the burqa – EVERYWHERE!

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