Burqas, Mosques & the Appeasement Crocodile

With links from Mullah, Vlad Tepes & IvE

‘Backlash’ unappreciated:

Paki Talibandits Threaten Burma Over Rohingya Violence

The Pakistan-based Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) released an official statement on Wednesday calling on the Pakistani government to cut its relations with Burma and shut down the Burmese embassy in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, according to an AFP report.   More muslim threats at The Irrawaddy
Burqa Check Causes Interfaith Derailment
Marseille police say three of its officers were injured in the early hours of July 25 when a mob of some 50 people tried to prevent them from checking the identity of a woman who was wearing a full Islamic veil. (More on the ‘restive’ port city of Marseille…..)
France: 200 new mosques being built, but they are not enoughFrance has 2,200 active mosques totaling 300,000 square meters, but given that each worshiper needs at least one square meter of space, that number should double in order to adequately serve all the faithful
Appeasement Crocodile:

… Western governments have yet to learn that the more they appease Islamist regimes, the weaker they appear to them, the less they fear us, and the more dangerous they become. …

Bella Italia

  • Italian Hotel Appeases Muslim Man’s Demand Not to Have to Take Orders from Women…  A Muslim porter, of Egyptian origin, told his bosses that he wasn’t going to take orders from a woman. The management initially invited him to respect Italian norms. But when he refused, and handed in his resignation, the management decided to appease his sensibilities “as he was well regarded by clients and other employees”.