Da'awa Donna Rejected

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Madonna Gives Multicult Lecture to France at Paris Concert

A SHORT Madonna concert that the pop star said was intended to celebrate France’s tolerance instead tested it, drawing boos and cries of “refund!” when she left the stage after just 45 minutes.

The Front National is taking legal action against Madonna because of the video shown at one of her concerts depicting a swastika superimposed on the face of Marine Le Pen. At her concert in Paris last night, the video was not used again. Madonna decided to give France a lecture on the values of the multicult, however. Here it is in all its glory if you can stomach it.

It seems the concert lasted less than an hour, of which a not insignificant chunk must have been taken up by the lecture. She was booed at the end, with some fans demanding their money back, chanting “Remboursez!

Perhaps her 24-year old Muslim boyfriend does have some influence on the 53-year old whore with the Mickey Mouse voice after all?

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  1. All it really proves is she is a phony and poseur, who is willing to jump onto ‘any’ bandwagon, providing it is provactive and shocking enough.

    In other words, nothing new here.

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