Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu's 'Moral Duty'

Message of Islam can always prevail over Islamophobia

Ihsanoglu seen here worshipping Satan with genocidal mass-murderer of Sudan, Bashir

‘Destruction & suffering caused by those who do not submit to Islam’

Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu

 “Right-wing elements in the West unjustifiably claim that Islam opposes human rights, democracy and individual freedom to achieve political gains….”

Anything to shut us up:

UN General Assembly Resolution A/66/167 also calls on all countries to combat intolerance based on religion. This was followed by the launch of the Istanbul Process with the objective of putting these international resolutions into full implementation.

Unfortunately, racist elements and Islamophobes in the West have for a long time embarked on well-orchestrated and well-financed campaigns to malign Islam and demonise Muslims in public opinion through distortions and fear mongering. Some media organisations have been among the key tools used by those dubious elements to spread Islamophobia in the public sphere.

However, reaching out to grassroots communities  Da’awa  is not an easy task and requires immense resources.

‘Moral Duty’

It is our moral duty to take action now before the extremists gain more ground and cause further destruction and suffering.

Help is on the way:

OIC eyes satellite channel to spread message

The channel contents should concentrate on the Islamic message from the Qur’an and Sunnah without taking texts out of their contexts.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) lacks an official platform to influence public opinion, OIC members say. Such a platform is important to deliver the organization’s noble message.

OIC officials say they have received demands from individuals, organizations, civil establishments, agencies and societies for broadcasts to member states. Officials at OIC said a meeting of information ministers of the member states in April this year in Libreville, Gabon embraced the idea. A similar meeting will be held in Jeddah in September to follow up the process of establishing a satellite channel carrying the organization’s name.

Anything but the truth,  from the ‘Religion of Peace’

This one went under the radar:

OIC Calls for Recognition of Turkish-Occupied Cyprus

Exposing the Islamophobes

“Nothing in our faith says it’s OK to kill anyone.” 
(Ahmed Bedier of CAIR)

“Slay the unbelievers wherever ye find them…”
(The ‘Holy’ Qur’an, Verse 9:5)

Islam with all the accessories.
What’s there to be afraid of?

Islamophobe (is-slahm-o-fohb) – A non-Muslim who knows more than they are supposed to know about Islam.Islamophobia is a fear of losing life or liberty to Islamic rule merely because the laws, sacred texts, and traditional practices of Islam demand the submission of culture, politics, religion and all social expression.  It tends to afflict those most familiar with the religion while sparing the more gullible.

Unlike Infidelophobia (Quranically-inspired hatred for non-Muslims), Islamophobia doesn’t involve dead bodies, but rather bruised Muslim feelings, which – according to the teachings of the faith – are far more important than the lives of infidels.

In Muhammad’s day, Islamophobia was treated with a practice known as beheading.  Since this is now impractical outside of the Muslim world, the condition is best addressed by means of prevention.  Such preventive measures include willful ignorance (best assisted with a strong dose oftaqiyya).

The fact is that when Islam checks in, a lot of folks wind up checking out… permanently.  Therefore Islamophobes are a pretty broad group.

Islamophobes include:

Hindus, Christians, and Jews who don’t want to be forced into a political system that treats them as third-class citizens.  (Islamic teaching)

Atheists who want the freedom to live openly and challenge religious orthodoxy in the public spherre.  (Islamic teaching)

Women who don’t want to be draped in black bags.  (Islamic teaching)

Heterosexual males who prefer not to see women draped in black bags.  (Islamic teaching)

Drinkers (this one’s important).  (Islamic teaching)

Artists (not quite as important). (Islamic teaching)

Historians who don’t want to see priceless manuscripts and books burned just because they disagree with the Quran.

Homosexuals who don’t want to be beaten to death.  (Islamic teaching)

Anyone else who believes that consenting adults should not be killed or tortured over sexual practices.  (Islamic teaching)

Dog lovers.  (Islamic teaching).

Animal Rights activists and anyone else who is opposed to the cruel and unethical treatment of animals.  (Islamic teaching)

Mothers who don’t want their daughters killed over a man’s “honor.”  (Islamic teaching)

Females who want to keep their clitoris.  (Islamic teaching)

Intellectuals who value freedom of conscience and public dissent.  (Islamic teaching)

Anyone believing that the value of a person’s life is not determined by their religious beliefs.  (Islamic teaching)

Feminists who believe that women should not be made subordinate to men by a religion which openly insists that females are the intellectual and legal inferior of males.  (Islamic teaching)

Anyone else who objects to a religion in which a woman’s identity is defined by her relationship to a man.  (Islamic teaching)

The left-handed (Islamic teaching).

Liberals who don’t believe that culture and moral values should be established by a state-sponsored religion.  (Get past The Religion Barrier)

Conservatives who believe in preserving the Western heritage responsible for the civil freedom, political liberty and economic success which has attracted the flood of immigrants from Muslim nations, where such values are conspicuously lacking.  (Islamic teaching)

Muslims who would like the freedom to leave Islam.  (Islamic teaching)

And many more…