Every Islamic Terrorist is a Potential Friend For the Obama Regime

Obama administration is as weak on Pakistani terrorism as Nigerian terrorism

Ishq, July 27th 2012, (Harry’s Place)

Despite its known links to Al Qaeda, and its history of terror attacks, the Obama administration has refused to assign Boko Haram FTO status, only marking out Boko Haram leaders as terrorists.

Now the exact same thing is happening with Taliban-linked Pakistani terrorism.

Associated Press reports:

By voice vote, the Senate approved a bill Thursday that would require the secretary of state to report to Congress on whether the Haqqani network meets the criteria to be designated a foreign terrorist organization and if not, to explain why. The report is due within 30 days of the president signing the measure. The bill now goes to Obama.

The administration has sanctioned top individuals of the Haqqani network, but it is still reviewing whether to label the entire organization. That delay has frustrated members of Congress.

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., chairman of the Intelligence Committee, had added an amendment to the bill stating that it was the sense of Congress that the Haqqani network meets the definition of a terrorist organization and they should be designated as one. Read more »


3 thoughts on “Every Islamic Terrorist is a Potential Friend For the Obama Regime”

  1. Obama got to be POTUS through AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, COMMUNIST FRIENDS and SUNNI SAUDI MONEY. His entire Presidency is a HOAX.Obama is a PUPPET of Islamic Radical EXTREMIST who are TRYING 2 ESTABLISH a Islamic Caliphate –

  2. @f lindzay

    Every thing you said is true. However, the wicked cabal that is behind Obama can try “2 ESTABLISH a Islamic Caliphate” to their hearts content, but remember one thing f lindzay, that a Civil War WILL happen in America before they get that far.

    What it proves is that Obama and his puppetmasters do not understand the American psyche and it’s people at all.

    Let them (the cabal) hang for treason and let a narcissist like the president spend out the rest of his days in ruinous humiliation.

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