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Destroying the system from within so we can start again from Year Zero (like Pol Pot)

Obama settles hundreds of thousands of hostile Somali Muslims in heartland USA
This will work out beautifully. It won’t take long till the good olde USA looks just like Africa…..

“Many Somali women have never been to school,” said Elizabeth Jonitis, an English language teacher. “They have never learned to read or write in any language.”

“Sometimes, you know, it’s hard,” said Shanyalo Allis, a Somali refugee who has a job making clothing labels. “Some people ask me, ‘Why are you coming here? Are you a refugee? Go back to your country’.”  (A ‘Hard’ Time Assimilating)


If you don’t vote Obamunist people will die:

Good luck indeed

Rudi Giuliani:

Obama Being Israel’s Friend ‘Biggest Joke I’ve Ever Heard’

“I think that’s the biggest joke I’ve ever heard, that he’s a friend of the state of Israel. I think he’s the least supportive president of the state of Israel that we’ve ever had since the state of Israel existed, republican or democrat.”

Mark Levin:

“Obama Hates Israel And He’s Demonstrated It Time And Again” (GWP)

“Obama hates Israel and he’s demonstrated it time and time again… I never thought I’d be living in a time to hear an administration which wouldn’t even state what the capital of an ally is.”

The Right Scoop has the full audio from Levin’s show, via FOX Nation.


  •  No One Who Is Pro-Israel Will Support Obama Unless They‘ve ’Been in a Coma for 3 and a Half Years’-Read More »

Its an Obumbler world

Site offers $50K for clip of Obama honoring radical


US Breitbart News offers reward for video of 2003 speech honoring controversial Palestinian-American academic, Rashid Khalidi.

U.S. President Barack Obama addresses during a new

LOS ANGELES – The US Internet news portal Breitbart News is offering a $50,000 reward to anyone who can provide a videotape of a 2003 dinner honoring a radical Palestinian American academic attended by then- Illinois state senator Barack Obama.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, the Los Angeles Times reported that Obama attended a farewell dinner in Chicago for his longtime friend Rashid Khalidi.

Khalidi reportedly served as the director of the PLO’s WAFA news agency in Beirut during the 1970s. At that time, the PLO was one of the most active terrorist organizations in the world.

The 2003 dinner was a tribute to Khalidi on the eve of his departure from the faculty of the University of Chicago. Khalidi left the university for Columbia University in New York City where he was appointed the Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies and the director of Columbia’s Middle East Institute.

Obama has acknowledged a close, long-term friendship between his family and the Khalidi family. Khalidi and his wife, Mona, who was the editor of the PLO’s English news service in Beirut from 1976 to 1982, hosted a fundraiser for Obama’s failed congressional campaign in 2000.

According to the Times report, at the 2003 dinner, Khalidi told his Palestinian American guests to support Obama’s 2004 bid for the US Senate. According to the report Khalidi said, “You will not have a better senator under any circumstances.”

During Obama’s tenure as a director on the board of the Woods Fund of Chicago, the charitable group donated $75,000 to Khalidi’s Arab American Action Network.

The Times article notes the virulently anti-Israel discussion that took place at the 2003 Khalidi dinner. Among other things, a Palestinian read a poem accusing Israel’s government of terrorism and sharply criticizing US support for Israel. The speaker reportedly threatened Israel, saying that if Palestinian interests are not secured, “then you [Israel] will never see a day of peace.” Another speaker likened Israeli residents of Judea and Samaria to Osama bin Laden.

The report claimed that Obama struck “a different tone… and called for finding common ground,” but provided no direct citations of his speech to that effect.

The event was videotaped and the Times reported that it had a copy of the video.

Due to the nature of the anti-Israel rhetoric expressed at the dinner and the longstanding friendship and mutual professional support between the Obamas and the Khalidis, the Times report generated widespread public interest, particularly among opponents of Obama’s 2008 presidential run. The Times was asked repeatedly to release the videotape.

Despite the obvious public interest in the film, the newspaper repeatedly refused to honor those requests. Four years after its initial publication, interest in the dinner still runs strong.

In light of the continued relevance of the story, Breitbart News announced its decision to offer $50,000 to anyone who will provide the videotape of the dinner. The $50,000 reward is contingent on Breitbart News being able to obtain independent authentication of the video recording, as well as verification that the video recording contains Obama’s complete remarks at the event.

Explaining the initiative, Breitbart News editor-inchief Joel Pollak told The Jerusalem Post, “The Khalidi tape may be crucial to understanding Barack Obama’s policy of confrontation and isolation towards Israel. The Los Angeles Times refused to provide a full account of what was on the video, and other media failed to question that decision or to search for the facts themselves. It is essential that the American people see the video for themselves – not just to understand the past but to make an informed decision about the next four years. It is well past time that we vetted Barack Obama – and the mainstream media.”

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  1. Only the sicko White guilters will put this black racist back in again!

    Good heavens,what is WRONG with our people? Have we no dignity left? Have we no balls at all?

  2. I know. Black people make you people sick right…Yes they do!

    I support Israel,

    That’s funny. I, a liberal, support the United States and ONLY the United States. Who’s the real patriot again?

    The infatuation and lockstep loyalty to Israel that comes from the right is disturbing. In fact, your loyalty to the United States is suspect. In conservative circles, criticism of the United States is begrudgingly tolerated, but absolutely no criticism of Israel can exist.

    Get a clue cons: You live in America, not Israel. You can’t serve two masters.

    You people are a disgrace – America knows it, and now the world knows it. Obama doesn’t hate jews, yo hate muslims and project your hatred of muslims onto Obama, which is pathetic!

    Anyone who believes Obama is a “communist” obviously knows nothing about communism or any other form of government.


    He is not anywhere near a marxist. Its just another insulting description that rigt wing nut jobs pin on him because they dont really understand what Marxism was…

    But since the right wing is hyping their completely false “Obama hates America” meme like angry weasels, this is a welcome answer to these deranged claims — full of facts and details about Obama’s record, and testimonials from Israeli figures.

    this son of an African father and white mother is a racist?? No. YOU scumbags are the real racists! The proof is in the pudding!

    It’s just a trick, making people believe he is a Muslim. He does not share most beliefs with Muslims. He’s a leftist. So, in some cases he is sympathetic to Muslims, but he is nowhere as conservative as he would be if he was Muslim. Do you think he would have some out supporting same-sex marriage if he was a Muslim? Don’t fall for the trick.

  3. ZaMan,
    Firstly, if you wish to communicate please try and use proper language. Secondly, Obama is being help responsible for his very poor performance, and not his skin color. It is people like you who are projecting your racism onto the debate about Obama’s inabilities and poor performance, and the larger issue of islamic fundamentalism which Obama has, through his own actions, associated himself with. Thirdly, islam is not a race, and any adverse comment on islam is NOT racism. I suggest that you have no idea as to what really constitutes racism and I would suggest that you see how many afro-americans treat people with non-dark complextion, or how muslims treat non-muslims on the basis of religoion. Indeed, and from your language and mode of expression I guess that you are afro-american, you should do some real study and see how arabs treat and consider Africans. It is not pleasant. Finally, whether you are a patriot or not depends on your actions, not on what you write. When others call you a patriot then please call yourself one, until then shut up.

  4. @ZaMan,

    No Black people don’t make us sick. Obnoxious, Condescending arm chair moralist, who attempt to put words in our mouths like you make us sick.

    Considering that this site has many guests from around the world, you have no idea where we are located and how many of us come from former soviet countries and have a far greater and realistic understanding about ‘what’ communism really is, based upon our own first hand experience. Including spotting a neo-Communist like Obama when we see one.

    So don’t come on here and feckin lecture us about what commusnism is from your cozy life in America. When the Neo-Communist in the WH kicks in your door in the middle of the night and sends you, his faithful just like Old Whiskers did to his loyal toadys to reeducation camps, then you can come on here and tell us what Communism is.

    As for the disgusting St. Louis Dispatch, appropriating other people’s cultural sorrow for manipulative aims, that’s the only way the left can roll and maintain a voter base. Ironic, considering the for over fifty years they would not even acknowledge the Holdomor. Bastards.

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