Exiled indian-Malaysian Lawyer Files Lawsuit Against British Gov't for Selling His People Out Into Dhimmitude

That’s going to be interesting. I wish him all the luck in the world.

From the ‘Religion of Peace’:

Britain blamed for Indian Malaysians’ ‘plight’ in ex-colony.

LONDON: An exiled Indian Malaysian human rights lawyer plans to file a lawsuit against theBritish government for failing to provide adequate safety to the community under the rule of Malay-Muslim majority when independence was granted to the former colony.
Malaysia doesn’t treat its minorities kindly.London-based Waytha Moorthy claims that the then British Harold MacMillian’s government failed to provide protection to Indian Malaysians when independence was granted to the former colony in 1957.

The 46-year-old lawyer was expected to re-issue a class action lawsuit at the High Court Monday. He is claiming a sum of $1 million in compensation for each one of Malaysia’s 1.8 million Indians.Originally launched in 2007, but never heard and now out of time, Moorthy’s claim is on behalf of Indian Malaysians who he said face human rights abuses and live unprotected and in “continuous colonisation”.

The then British government gave the Muslim population special rights and privileges, effectively establishing a system of apartheid ever since, he said in a statement.

“In India, at the time of partition, the British government gave rights to minorities.

“In Malaysia, minority racial and religious groups were hung out to dry. The result is that 45 percent of the population is still being marginalised, humiliated and discriminated against when it comes to jobs, education and finance,” said Moorthy, chair of HINDRAF, an NGO advocating equal rights for Indian Malaysians.

The organisation is banned in Malaysia and Moorthy has been jailed on numerous occasions in that country.

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  1. Well…! The South Sudanese could claim a fortune…but unfortunately they were persuaded (by the Muslims: tricked!!) to HELP the Muslims oust the British…so, no go.
    A historical mistake: never, never take the side of the Muslims.

  2. A Pakistani was involved in the draughting of the Malaysian constitution when Malaysia was deemed an islamic country. The Indians in the KL area are treated very badly, tho the best lawyers and teachers in Malaysia are all Indians. Get in trouble in Malaysia ; get an Indian lawyer.

  3. The Malays are not native to Malaysia. The Bumiputra laws are a lie. The Orang asli that are nearly extinct are the true indigneous.

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