France: Burqa Ban Enforcement Meets Violent Resistance

We’ve been warning from the very beginning that violent riots would be the inevitable result and that  the ban would be unenforceable. Just wondering why it took that long:

“I don’t obey the laws of the French Republic”

Muslim Mob Rule in Marseilles: Police Attacked While Doing Burka Check, Attackers Released Without Charge

There have been a few attacks on police in France and Belgium while they were conducting burka checks. But this is the first time the state has taken the side of the attackers. With a 40% Muslim demographic in Marseilles and 93% of Muslims voting Socialist, the police can expect a lot more betrayal from Socialist politicians, including the new Hollande government.

In the restive port city of Marseille, police fear that the release of four people arrested for allegedly attacking officers during an ID check on a woman wearing an Islamic veil will undermine their fight against violent crime in the city.

Not to worry:

According to an AFP source, the decision was “a gesture of appeasement during the holy [Islamic] month of Ramadan.”–Source: France24 via Cheradenine

There you go. All the French need is tolerance and understanding, we’ll get along just fine!

In the following video the Moderator  seems to be caught in a time warp, he flogs the tired old horse about  ‘being uncomfortable telling women what to wear’ blah blah… ‘government shouldn’t be telling people what to wear’… as if!

This argument is redundant. It  has been flogged  to death,  just like the women who refuse to wear the freedom sack.

Thanks SDAMATT & Vlad Tepes

A couple of days ago, I posted France24’s account of the Muslim mob attack on police in Marseilles while they were trying to do an identity check on a burka-wearing woman.Le Figaro also published a report on it, which has some interesting details the France 24 account left out, notably those that relate to the Muslims declaring that they refused to recognise French law.

It is around midnight. Two police officers are patrolling in the IIIe arrondissement of the city, close to the Es-Suna mosque. They then see a woman dressed in a burka. As the law authorises them to do, they decide to check her identity. When the officers approach the young woman, she starts to yell and tries to strike one of them. According to the statements of the police officers, Louise-Marie, 18 years old, said that she refused to submit to the identity check “because she didn’t recognise French law”.

Immediately, a man of around 40, intervenes to help the young woman. According to the statement, he yells that “this was his place and the police don’t make the law here.” Within a few minutes, around 50 people are encircling the two police officers. Several of them start to strike them and try to knock them down. However one of the police officers manages to make a radio call to colleagues. A police woman arrives to reinforce them and tries in her turn to arrest the veiled young woman. But she reacts violently and bites her forearm. 

Finally, Louise-Marie, Michel and two other men are arrested and taken to the police station in the XVe arrondissement. However, the prosecutor’s office decides to release them a few hours later, with a simple summons. The decision shocks the Marseilles police. “We would have wanted them to be held for a longer time at least,” explains Lionel Vidal, local delegate of the Unité SGP Police trade union. “The officers hadn’t even finished writing their reports and they were already out.”

5 thoughts on “France: Burqa Ban Enforcement Meets Violent Resistance”

  1. If you don’t recognise French law, and you live in France, you have no place in France. Shoot or deport.

  2. @kaw-Couldn’t agree more.

    “I don’t obey the laws of the French Republic”- I am sure the average indigenous French citizen only now this fact too well.

  3. Muslims don’t obey the laws of anywhere. They’re criminals and parasites, nothing more, pure and simple.

  4. As in “all roads lead to Rome”, all tolerance and appeasement of Muslims lead only and inevitably to violence. It’s the only thing they understand. Islam is, after all, a death cult. Law, common sense, civility, logic, cooperation, etc., mean nothing to them. Therefore, everything we do between the first tolerant act and the inevitable violence is basically a waste of time, simply postponing the inevitable. It’s coming. There’s nothing we can do about it. There’s no avoiding it. Be prepared.

  5. “If you don’t recognise French law, and you live in France, you have no place in France. Shoot or deport.”

    if only ! These order came probably from what should be the highest place defender of French Law: the new Justice Minister, Christiane Taubira, who is a nasty piece of anti-white racist, France hating, islamist-jihad loving extreme leftist.

    First initiative she took 1 minute after being in office was to eliminate all correctional tribunals for “disadvantaged youth” (i.e. arab/muslim recidivists criminals acting to the shouts of allah akbar and having the Jewish children killer Mohamed Merah as hero) will not be incarcerated, but “counseled” (after all they mainly kill and attack non-muslims like Jews and real French people). These poor “youth” carry all the stigma of Colonisation on their shoulders, she said.

    Another “initiative” by this nasty but powerful racist was to emasculate the already fragile French police (who were stoned in the arab/muslim quarters of cities during the election celebrations in May this year) even further. They now have to justify – by writing a report – each identification check they do on arab/muslims and are limited to 1 (one) ID check per day only (I might be corrected on this latter, but that’s what my friends in France tell me).

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