Hamas Taxi?


 ’Just call the Australians and they will come and get you‘–  TAXPAYERS fork out up to $1 million to rescue people smuggling boats that issue distress calls off Indonesia.Open borders–Andrew Bolt

We’re now picking up boat people almost within sight of the Indonesian coast – so why not just pick them up from the airport and spare the expense?

Andrew Bolt

HMAS Taxi — Part 1.

HMAS Taxi gets another call

Hoaxed again:

THE navy has responded to a distress call from a second asylum-seeker boat in as many days.

The boat made three distress calls about 100 nautical miles north of Christmas Island on Tuesday night.

HMAS Childers arrived at the scene on Wednesday morning and boarded the vessel.

“Initial indications suggest there are 65 people on board,” the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) said…

Who the hell is in charge here, anyhow?

NAVY officers say they will disobey orders to force asylum seeker boats back to Indonesia.

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  1. These nutjobs are going to find themselves on Gilligans’ island. Nobody wants their third world backward ways forced on them anyway. Drop a bomb on them!

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