Jihad & Poverty

Poverty, Not Religion, Drives Nigeria Strife

These people must be watching too much Klintoon TV.

Jihad causes poverty, not the other way around.  Muslims keep murdering Christians, burn their villages and  destabilise the whole region. Analysts in the West  will complain about the region being poor and underdeveloped, and say it causes jihad. But this is a classic example of jihad causing poverty, and obliterating any chance of progress.  “Injustice” and “inequality” is code for not being able to force everyone to live under sharia:

ABUJA – Poverty, inequality and injustice are threatening to trigger a broad sectarian conflict between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria, an international task force said on Wednesday, July 11.–More nothing to do with islam at onislam-Mullah

Dying of Poverty:

 “Sophisticated attacks”

“Poverty” kills Phillipino Christians

Philippines: Jihadists murder six, wound 22 in attack on farm workers

Another day, another jihad massacre. Yet the real problem is “Islamophobia.” “Suspected Islamist gunmen kill six in Philippines attack,” from AFP, July 11 (thanks to JW):

“Gunmen” suspected to be Islamic militants ambushed a convoy carrying farm workers in the southern Philippines on Wednesday, killing six and wounding 22 others, the Army said.

Gitmo Apes wanna be left alone during Ramadan

And of course, the Islamic religion that led them to become mass murderers in the first place must be respected. “9/11 accused don’t want hearings during Ramadan,” by Carol Rosenberg for the Miami Herald, July 10

The Jews, the Jews…

Jordanian Muslim cleric: “I have brought my daughter to Gaza, so that she can learn from the women of Gaza how to bring up her children on Jihad, martyrdom-seeking, and the love of Palestine”

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  1. There seems to be a problem in Nigeria lately it is probably related the Islamization of Darfur and Sudan. Too much khat from Yemen.

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