Headscarf is Symbol of Terrorism

It sure is. We know that ever since Yasser Arafartbarstard and the Pal-Arabs made the kefiieh their  trademark:

Campaign against veiling young girls launched in Morocco

Young girls are forced into wearing a headscarf in Morocco by parents who tell them it will protect them from harassment or ensure they don’t go to hell. (Al Arabiya)

A Moroccan rights organization launched an awareness campaign against the veiling of young girls, describing it as a major form of child abuse.  (TROP)

Under the slogan “So that girls won’t live in eternal darkness,” the Center for Woman’s Equality launched a campaign that aims to counter the phenomenon of forcing girls between the ages of three and 10 to wear the headscarf.(Forcing the girls to wear headscarf? OMG! And why are we told the hijab is the most liberating thing since bra-burning?)

Picture  of the Week from the Religion of Peace

Islam is at war with individuality.

Colonel says headscarf a ‘symbol of terrorism’ in new voice recording

Thanks to Vlad/Today’s Zaman

Col. Ali Çakmakkaya, a judge, describes the headscarf as a “symbol of terrorism” in a voice recording, in which he also uses profanity while referring to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan and his wife, Emine ErdoÄŸan.

The voice recording was released on Twitter on Tuesday, although the date of the recording remains unknown. A caption provided with the recording says Çakmakkaya made the statements in an official military setting.

Criticizing ErdoÄŸan for not wearing a tie during his meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Çakmakkaya says ErdoÄŸan had put an end to state culture in Turkey. He talks about the wives of ErdoÄŸan and Assad: “You look at the wife of the other [Assad]; she is pretty modern and [looks] European.” He adds that ErdoÄŸan’s wife is not like this, using expletives in his description of Emine ErdoÄŸan.


The Terror Never Stops:

French Airports order Muslim women to take the bags off their heads for security reasons

I don’t expect this to last. The ‘Islamophobia’ machine is already  spinning like Iranian centrifuges.

Today’s Zaman  The Collective Against ‘Islamophobia’ in France (CCIF) (aka Communists against people trying to protect their country from Muslims) has announced that Nantes Atlantique Airport has made it obligatory for headscarf-wearing women to take off their scarves and place them in the X-ray machine along with their other belongings. (More from BNI)

Çakmakkaya also compares Emine ErdoÄŸan with the wife of Qatar’s Emir Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. “Even the wife of Qatar [Emir] looks neater than his [ErdoÄŸan’s]. Her head is covered but not with a headscarf. These [headscarves] are entirely militant symbols,” he says, adding, “This is not about faith. This is a symbol of terrorism.”

The colonel also claims that ErdoÄŸan and President Abdullah Gül live in palaces. “Did you know the prime minister has three palaces now? Dolmabahçe, ÇıraÄŸan and another one,” he states. He further claims that President Gül has been given two palaces, one in Yıldız and another in Tarabya, both Ä°stanbul neighborhoods. “Europe says that. I read it in a newspaper. They [ErdoÄŸan and Gül] are chasing the former Ottomans. They are not for the people at all. Who owned these palaces? The people. We used to visit them as museums. Now these men use them,” he says, going on to say that if people tried to enter the palaces, police officers would stop them. “They are taking over all the palaces.”

Çakmakkaya also states that the police are attacking every place like “dogs” to find evidence against Ergenekon, a clandestine organization nested within the state plotting to manipulate or overthrow the democratically elected government.