Yorkshire police chief tells Muslims "'young white men also like 'easy meat'"

You get what you pay for. (Not!)   If you put a limp dick in charge of the police, chances are the whole thing becomes a fools game. Bettison made a career out of doing nothing; but this is worse. It goes without saying that this  pathetic dhimmi also is a declared foe of the EDL patriots.

Grooming is growing scourge that cuts across all communities, Yorkshire police chief tells Muslims

Grooming children for sex is a growing scourge that cuts across all communities, West Yorkshire’s chief constable warned yesterday as he met Muslim community leaders at a summit to tackle the problem.

Sir Norman Bettison insisted the crime was not a racial or cultural issue. The type of exploitation seen in cases such as the recent Rochdale scandal, in which a gang of Asian men preyed on vulnerable young white girls, was just one of its many faces, he said.

“I believe there is a problem that is very widespread, not just in Yorkshire, not just within the Muslim or Asian community, but there are girls who are vulnerable and those vulnerabilities are more and more often these days exploited,” he said. “What these cases have done is they have shone a light on this type of exploitation.

Sir Norman said young girls were also seen as “easy meat” by some young white men and insisted sexual exploitation was “not a faith or a race issue”. “We witness that sort of approach and attitude any Saturday night in any of our towns and cities,” he said.

He also warned children are as vulnerable to sexual exploitation online as they are on the street. “There’s a growing trend of exploitation, predominantly of young girls, but also young boys, for sexual ends,” he said.

“It’s got lots of faces. It’s got groups of men on the street who are identifying and picking up vulnerable girls, but it’s also got people sitting in the comfort of their sitting rooms or bedrooms. Social media opens up a newer means of sexual exploitation.”

He said the summit, attended by the Bradford Council of Mosques’ president Rafiq Sehgal and secretary Zulfiqar Karim, had cemented a commitment to jointly tackle the issue.

“The powerful thing is the determination and willingness of the religious leadership to be involved in preventing exploitation in the future and sending a powerful message to Muslim communities that this is abhorrent behaviour that should be stamped upon,” he said.

“The reassurance that we’ve been getting is that the communities themselves are very keen to be involved in sending out a powerful message of abhorrence and intolerance at this criminal behaviour.”

He added conversations with community leaders and agencies in other parts of West Yorkshire would soon follow.

Yorkshire Post, 30 June 2012

12 thoughts on “Yorkshire police chief tells Muslims "'young white men also like 'easy meat'"”

  1. Do Brits have an equivocation gene? No wonder we kicked their asses over two hundred years ago.

  2. Well, the deal struck between the police chief and the Bradford Council of Mosques is laughable especially since imams preach the same message all over the world, which is that kuffar women are fair game and are asking to be raped., attacked, because they do not cover themselves in the cloth coffin
    ” if a cat sees a lump of meat in the park and attacks and eats the lump of meat, whose fault is it? The cats ( who is doing what is natural) or the lump of meat( for being in the park in the first place) ??
    Words from a sermon by Australias Chief Mufti Hilali, after a horrendous pack rape by a gang of muslims of a 14 year old girl,.
    Even the rapists family members blamed the victim, not their rapist vermin of the family , blaming the way western women dress as reason enough to be raped!
    That police chief should be sacked, IT IS NOT white men who are grooming these underage girls, but MUSLIMS, and he is shamefully deflecting the issue by spreading blame to other than muslims who are culpable, SHAME ON HIM!
    It is a tenet of Islam, all minorities in muslim lands suffer similar fates, rape and sex enslavement, just like their role model the rapist Muhammad

  3. What we have here is a fine example of british police avoiding the obvious on the grounds that they might step on a few toes. Its not an asian problem or a white problem or a black problem. Its a problem that is sewn into the fabric of the religion that is islam. If the british police continue to just sit and be complacent then you are going to have far right activists like the EDL and the BNP taking matters into their own hands and then what you have is riots an they will be far worse than The bradford or oldham riots 10 years ago.

  4. The men of our societies are failing their fundamental duty to protect their women from such animals by letting them into our societies in the first place. We know how Islam feels about women, and about women who are not Muslims, and we know that the rape of both is culturally sanctioned. The men of Western societies have neutered themselves and lost the rights to their own women by abdicating their responsibility to protect them, with the knife of political correctness. By bowing to PC in almost every form, men are no longer protecting their women and children, period.

  5. He is why there is a problem now.
    Gutless, spineles appeaseing morons the lot of them.
    Whats the betting this fool as not even served a day on the beat, but just licked the next blokes up ar** to get where he is.

  6. Since your referring to girls as meat, I think if a wolf is allowed to be shot for attacking a sheep then we should bring OUR British shepherd a sweet machine gun.

  7. Aidan,
    From what I see the EDL is comprised of concerned men and women, usually, working class, who are deeply concercerned with the negative effects of immigration on THEIR country, and they have lost faith with political main stream because the political main stream is disregarding the relevant issues. They are not far-right activists.

  8. But Sheik the very first aspect of PC to which men were bound was that they were not needed to protect women, this being just male chauvanism and this is due to militant feminists having emacsculated men in western societies, thereby emasculated the societies in which they live leaving such societies – and themselves or their daughters – ripe for the picking. Dame, oops ‘Sir’, Elias is a perfect example of such emasculation.

  9. i think we’d better watch the police..maybe cutting the police force might actually be a good thing..i.e,the indegionous population start dealing with these sort of problems themselves.devoid of pro muslim/anti white interference.

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