Indonesia: Ahmadiyah Forced to Apologize For Being Attacked By Suspicious Sunni Muslims

The Ahmadiyah community have long been victims of violence in Indonesia, where mainstream Muslims view the sect as a “deviant” form of Islam.

Murdering Ahmadiyah is an act of ‘self-defence’ by righteous  sunni muslims:

Police blamed Bogor’s Ahmadiyah community on Tuesday for inciting violence against them by being “introverted” and not being involved in social activities.  The comments came a day after police said they would not name suspects after a mob attacked Ahmadis in Bogor on Friday — an act the police called “self-defense.”

When they were active, they were accused of spreading their religion.  Now they have stopped, they are accused of being introvert.

In other news:

The Wrong Kind of Green

Greenpeace are “anti-business wolves in environmentalist sheeps clothing” – and yes, there was gambling going on at Rick’s Café Americain:

JAKARTA: A large protest of Indonesian youth rallied on Thursday in front of Greenpeace Indonesia’s office in the capital, Jakarta, calling for the organization to be closed in the country.

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