Max Brenner Boycott: Complicit Judge Enables Anti-Israel Nazis to Intimidate 'Legally'

Kristallnacht Legalised Downunder:

Melbourne court clears 11 pro-Palestinians in boycott Israel protest

The Age declares victory: Victory for Max Brenner protesters 

“No hostile intent”

Court dismisses charges of trespassing, besetting an Israeli franchised chocolate shop, says protesters did not act with hostile intent.

No hostile intent? Not stopping customers? 

THE dismissal of charges against 16 pro-Palestinian defendants who protested outside an Israeli-owned business in Melbourne may have wider legal ramifications.

Magistrate Simon Garnett    (pictured)    yesterday found the protesters last year did not surround Max Brenner’s chocolate bar in the city’s QV Centre with hostile intent or to obstruct the public.

‘Free Speech?’ In Australia?

‘Landmark Victory’ for Palli-Nazis

Legal experts say a Melbourne Magistrate’s dismissal of a Victoria Police case against protesters could influence future disputes.

Sixteen people were arrested and charged after clashing with police during a pro-Palestinian rally outside an Israeli-owned chocolate shop in Melbourne last July.

A Magistrate ruled the protesters were exercising their human rights and said their demonstration was lawful.

Magistrate Simon Garnett also found the protesters did not threaten the peace or disrupt the public order.

He also criticised the police response in some arrests, describing it as ‘heavy-handed’.

Lawyer Rob Stary represented the protesters.

He says the case against his clients was doomed to fail.

“If they (his clients) oppose the occupation of the Gaza Strip or the West Bank they should be entitled to say so,” he said.

Mr Stary says he expects the case to set a precedent, including on picket lines.

“I think it’s got very very wide ramifications,” he said.

“I think firstly police should not get involved in political protests, or industrial disputes of this nature, that they shouldn’t be criminalised.

“We live in a democratic robust society, and people should be entitled to express their views.”

Mr Stary says people should be allowed to exercise their right of freedom of speech.

“We don’t live in a totalitarian regime, this is not Syria or Iraq or Egypt,” he said.

“This is Australia where we should be able to engage in robust debate about important issues.”

Protester Vashti Kenway said the decision was a victory for freedom of speech.

“We feel particularly pleased that this result has been made because it leads on to affect other questions, such as Occupy Melbourne.

“It’s a victory for our capacity to protest in places where corporations have previously said they controlled,” she said.

“It’s also useful for us to know that the QV management have no right to say we are not allowed to express our political opinions within that space.”

The protesters demonstrated at the Max Brenner chocolate store in Melbourne’s QV in July last year.

Protesters targeted the Lonsdale Street store claiming the franchise had aided the Israeli Army.

6 thoughts on “Max Brenner Boycott: Complicit Judge Enables Anti-Israel Nazis to Intimidate 'Legally'”

  1. “Would you pass through this mob for a cup of coffee?

    I sure would for a Max Brenner Cappucino – the best there is!!! You should try it sometimes, you born-again nazis and Kristall-Nacht nostalgics.

    And: dont give me the rubbish about “freedom of speech” – I put it to you that you are not fit to represent the laws of our courts, you pervert them. I also put it to you that in my opinion, you are cheap propagandists for the introduction of Sharia into Judeo-Christian societies. You have my full contempt.

  2. Excellent comment I just want to add let the Palestinians open a chocolate bar then they can complain. Or try to operate their business against competition. Instead of a convenience store.

  3. @Rita

    Well said!! Could not agree more. The only ‘victory’ here is yet more license for veiled anti-Semitic bigotry. I too would love to stride through this baying mob of deluded lunatics, sit down and enjoy a coffee at Max Brenner

  4. Actually, the key here is non-violence. If the pro-palis use violence or intimidation then record it, and they will be jailed because the ONLY argument that the judge can offer for dismissal of the case will be null and void. So a message to the brain dead commy/islamofacists who have been intimidating customers at Max Brenners. Try violence and you will suffer for your actions – YOUR choice.

  5. It would be a different outcome if a group of citizens were holding a non-violent meeting somewhere to oppose the building of a moske – HREOC would be all over them.

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