Iran: lies & denial, before claiming the attack was a 'response' to Israeli 'blows against Iran'

First the denial:

Then comes the gloating:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Hints at Iran’s Responsibility for Bulgaria Bombing

Speaking hours after Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had publicly blamed the bombing Wednesday at Bulgaria’s Burgas airport on “Hezbollah, directed by Iran,” Ahmadinejad described the attack as “a response” to Israeli “blows against Iran.”–(American Power)

You know who’s whispering in her ear:

Washington trying to stop Israeli attack… on Syria

The Obama administration is trying to prevent Israel from taking preemptive action to protect itself… against Bashar al-Assad’s Syria.

Doesn’t Indyk’s excuse for not letting Israel attack Syria sound familiar? It’s the exact same excuse that the Obama administration keeps making for Israel not taking out Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

The only people who seem to have something to fear from Assad’s chemical weapons, so long as they remain in his own hands, are the Syrian people. What the rest of the world has to fear is that those weapons will fall into the hands of Hezbullah, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Israel – more than any other party – cannot allow that to happen. The idea that Syrians will suddenly unite around Assad because Israel attacks his chemical weapons capability when the only party against which Assad is capable of using those weapons is the Syrian people… is laughable. There is no way that the Syrian people will now unite around Assad. None.

Netanyahu vows powerful response:

Lets see what he comes up with….

The terror attack in Bulgaria and Israel’s exclusion from the counterterrorism forum

Yes, of course there’s a connection between Wednesday’s terror attack in Bulgaria and Israel’s exclusion from the international counterterrorism forum when the Obama administration kowtowed to Turkey. Benny Weinthal explains.

It’s very simple. Israelis are the world’s leading victims of terrorism. A counterterrorism forum that excludes Israel cheapens Israeli lives and castrates the war on terrorism (yes, despite the Obama administration’s protestations there still is and has to be a war on terrorism). A refusal to include Israelis as terror victims makes the problem even bigger. The only people who benefit from that are the ones who promote terrorism: Iran, Syria, Turkey, Hamas, Hezbullah and al-Qaeda, and other supporters of terror (yes, I intentionally included Turkey – what is the government-connected IHH if not a terror organization?). A weak fight against terrorism will result in more terrorism and more innocent lives being lost. Four more years of this will strengthen the terror groups immeasurably. It’s time to stop them now.  (Israel Matzav)    Read the whole thing.

From the Elder of Ziyon:

Hizbullah Website Features Infographic On Closing The Strait Of Hormuz, Illustrates Iranian Attack On U.S. Aircraft Carrier

Murder Attempt in Hebron

“Late yestaerday afternoon an Arab terrorist threw a boulder at a sixty year old man from Kiryat Arba as he bathed in the Abraham spring at Tel Rumeida in Hebron.”

Islamic militants kill two Egyptian soldiers in Sinai

“Soldiers machine-gunned while patrolling on foot in town near Gaza border”

 Anti-Semitism Sweeping France by Peter Martino

“If Europe fails to protect its Jews, it must be feared that soon Christians, too, will no longer feel safe in Europe. When the Jews are made to flee, it will not be long before others will have to flee as well.”

Jihadi Tourism Hits Europe by Soeren Kern

“European security officials are especially concerned about reports that al-Qaeda is recruiting and training Western operatives who have “clean” criminal records and have the ability to travel freely and blend in with European and American cultures.”

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