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Charles Krauthammer on Brett Beier on Fox this morning shills for the ‘rebels’ aka Muslim Brotherhood (al Qaeda)

Tanks roll on Damascus as violence reigns

Heavy fighting grips capital with state source saying “all weapons will be used to finish off terrorists” by Ramadan.
The plucky little king of Jordan gets the jitters:

Jordan’s King Abdullah II told CNN on Wednesday that he is worried that Syria would become so destabilized that al-Qaeda could obtain some of the regime’s chemical weapons.

He knows he’s next. If Assad goes down, the ruling Alawites will be toast, and the Christians will be wiped out. Then comes Jordan, the Hashemite kingdom……

No One Is Safe  (Mullah)

“Palestinians” join Syrian jihad

“Palestinians” from “the refugee camps.” What a joke. Where are the refugee camps for the close to one million Jews expelled from Muslim lands? Where are the refugee camps after the India/Pakistan partition? Where are the refugee camps from real refugees? The Palestinian Muslims were told to leave their homes by their Muslim leaders who promised to annihilate the Jews and destroy Israel. The Jews in Israel urged them to stay. “Refugee camps.” What utter garbage.

Of course the “Palestinians” are joining the Islamic takeover of Syria. Jihad. It’s what they do. Syrian Muslim Brotherhood: “victory could be ours”

“Palestinians join Syria revolt: activists, FSA AFP via Yahoo, July 18, 2012  (Pamela Geller)

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  1. Simply a WONDERFUL start to Ramadan. All the Ramadama-ding-dongs can rejoice and smear themselves with blood.

  2. What is it with blonds trying to hop into cars with these arabs. The one in the Abu Qatada video now this… they are nuts! You should not try to talk to them in Arabic let always let them talk in Arabic first that is no way to learn a language. Tahrir square coming up.

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