Jihad never comes by itself….

Cholera outbreak in northern Mali kills two

Two people have died and 26 others have been infected by an outbreak of cholera in the city of Gao, northern Mali, a region occupied by hardline Islamist groups, officials told AFP on Wednesday.–Story at Yahoo! News (Mullah)

Top Iran official: Time has come for Israel, U.S. to vanish from worldBy Haaretz/Jul.05, 2012

The time has come for the disappearance of Israel and the West from the face of the universe, a senior Iranian official was quoted as saying on Thursday, saying that they were the “prime sources of tyranny and gloom.”

More at Haaretz via Mullah

 Just a ‘teenager?’

A teenager appeared in court yesterday charged with making offensive comments on Facebook about the deaths of six British soldiers.  Azhar Ahmed, 19, has been accused of committing an offence under the Communications Act of sending a ‘grossly offensive’ message. Daily Mail

Ban Ki Moonbat springs into action
“The destruction is a divine order,”– sez rebel chief. “Muslims should be proud of smashing idols. It has given praise to God that we have destroyed them.”   One Ansar Dine spokesman told the BBC that they plan to destroy every single Sufi shrine in the city, “without exception.”
Democracy & Arab Spring makes way for the MuBro’s

Tunisia: Democracy further eroded

The National Body for the Reform of Information and Communication (INRIC under its French acronym) established after the revolution to reform Tunisian media, has announced today 4 July that it has shut down after failing to achieve its objective, accusing the government of censorship.

“The body does not see the point in continuing its work and announces that it has terminated its work,” said Kamel Labidi, who headed the INRIC. Labidi justified the decision by saying the government had reverted to “censorship and disinformation.”

This is what Obama enabled in Libya. “The Libyan people are attached to Islam, as a religion and legislation…And this should not be subject to a referendum.” If you don’t like it, so much the worse for you. “Sharia should be ‘main’ source of Libya legislation: NTC,” by Imed Lamloum for AFP, July 5

The Human Rights Racket

No country worships more on the altar of human rights & globalism than Norway. This event has actually made headlines in Norway and will open at least some Norwegians’ eyes to the reality of the U.N.  The foolish, puerile fantasy has gone on long enough.

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  1. top iran officals says time has come for US, Israel to “disappear from the univerise?” how many tiems and in how many ways do these people have to declare war on us until we take them serioua? til they nuke New York?

  2. @when*pigs*fly-He is indeed an ugly git. In fact, they all are. Have you ever seen a good looking jihadi? Nope. They don’t exist.

  3. It is very much the case of the ugly stick out of control that good old in breeding kicks in

  4. In about 100 years or less all humanity will look that way back to the seventh century is inevable.

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