Major Victory for Pamela Geller: New York bus system can't bar pro-Israel, 'defeat Jihad' ads

“In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Defeat jihad. Support Israel.”

This is a Huge Win for all of us.

The PuffHo is nonplussed and  The Gothamist is whining about our win  here:  Sharia-compliant media whines while Geller “crows”

*cockadoodle doo*

I am “crowing”? These tools should be crowing. It’s their victory. too.

Note the Puff Ho’s headline — they cannot bring themselves to call the ad what it is, pro-Israel (even the NY TImes did). You can practically hear the Puff Ho’s head exploding in this moronic and inaccurate report. With the exception of the NY Times and NY1, not one of these tools called for comment.

AFDI First Amendment victory against NYC MTA, Makes legal history – pro-Israel ads must run attacking savages who engage in jihad

Lots more here:

Reuters: “New York Bus System Can’t Bar Pro-Israel, ‘Defeat Jihad’ Ads”

Reuters provides an example of objective, non-biased journalism, a dying art. Even though AFDI is not based in Sherman Oaks, California, the bulk of this article and its headline show that some journalists can still avoid the Leftist propaganda slogans of “anti-Islam,” “anti-Muslim,” etc.