Muselprop in overdrive: CAIR's mind & body snatching exercises

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Here’s two vids from Mullah about “ how hard it is and how fast its growing….”

Fear and prejudice dispelling ‘through simple techniques’ coming to a mosque near you!

For Ellison, Carlsen, a “Palestinian’ and Nihad Awad its all about dawa,  nothing but f*ng dawa:

Iftar “reach out” and other mind and body snatching exercises:

One thought on “Muselprop in overdrive: CAIR's mind & body snatching exercises”

  1. For any person who still needs convincing that arab muslims are the lowest of the low, here is just another story of arab muslims using their visa system to bully Indian workers. More of these stories are coming to light. Can anyone explain why we have not summariily removed every arab muslim on the planet??? We certainly would have saved ourselves a lot of bother, and no notable achievements by muslims come to light.

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