Misconception Muftis & Chookophobia

Misconception Mufti

Dozens of area residents and community leaders gathered at the Islamic Foundation of Peoria on Saturday night in an effort to promote understanding and awareness of the Islamic faith.

Mufti dispelled misconceptions of the faith, specifically that it’s synonymous with terrorism and oppression of women. Both of those ideas are not rooted in the teachings of Islam, Mufti said. (Peoria)

Misunderstanding Islam

Newborn Baby Girl Buried Alive By Paki Father

Muselmaniacs keep telling us that big Moe did away with the practice back in the 7th century. Funny how it keeps happening:

A Paki  father was arrested after he buried his newborn baby girl alive while her mother was still in the hospital.—The Daily Mail reported: via GWP

 Iran: Chookophobia & Censorship

Against a backdrop of lengthening food queues, Esmail Ahmadi-Moghaddam, the head of Iran’s law enforcement forces, has warned that films depicting scenes of chicken dinners could provoke the underprivileged classes to attack the rich.  The Telegraph thanks to Mullah

Those were the days!

Bangla PM Sheikh Hasina fantasizes about “the glorious traditions of the early Islamic era, when Muslims ruled the whole world through their power of knowledge of science and technology.”

She added that Islam, the religion of peace, established its humane glory assimilating the unique natural and cultural distinctiveness of Bengal and that is why the people of Bengal are very religious-minded from the time immemorial, but not bigots.