'Muslim Stereotypes'

Remember Mouna Diab?

For the enemedia, Mouna Diab is an “activist working to dispel Muslim stereotypes.”

For us, Mouna is an arrogant Muslim agit-prop who led a group of Muselmaniacs to Herouxville  in an intimidation campaign to straighten out the filthy kafirs who misunderstood her peaceful ‘religion’.

“We explained that stoning is not a religious norm but a practice in certain countries, certain cultures. It has nothing to do with Islam,” said Ms. Diab. “I think we succeeded in our objectives.”

We were right all along:

Mouna is facing terrorism charge after probe alleges link to Hezbollah

She was charged last October with illegally exporting weapons to Lebanon. A deeper investigation brought about a new charge: committing an offence for a terrorist group, (Hezbollah)  a charge that carries up to a maximum of life in prison.”– (BCF)

I say lets stick with what we know…..

Quebec: Muslim woman who fought stereotypes of Muslims charged with trying to smuggle weapons to Hizballah

The guns she was running would have been more hurtful than any “stereotype.” In any case, here we see clearly the link between “Islamophobia” victimhood-mongering and violent jihad. The former is just a deflection strategy to cover for the latter.

“Quebec Muslim activist becomes first woman charged under 9/11 terror laws over Hezbollah gun-running plot,” by Stewart Bell in the National Post, July 13 (via JW)

A Quebec woman who was once active in a youth group that fought stereotypes against Muslims has been charged with terrorism for allegedly trying to smuggle weapons to Hezbollah.The RCMP said Friday Mouna Diab, 26, had been charged with a terrorism count after an investigation found she had bought firearms in the Montreal area to ship to the Iranian-sponsored terror group.

Ms. Diab is the first woman to be charged under provisions of the Anti-terrorism Act passed by Parliament in response to the 9/11 attacks.

The case also marks the first time Canadian police have laid criminal charges in connection with Hezbollah; previous cases all concerned pro-al-Qaeda groups or the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka….

Ms. Diab was vice-president of the Association of Young Lebanese Muslims and was part of a delegation that traveled to Herouxville, Que., in 2007 in an attempt to counter stereotypes of Muslims she said were “hurtful.”


Why Herouxville? Here’s why.

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  1. She is a loud mouthed stupid cow (apologies to cows for the unfair comparison – cows are significantly intellectually superior to islamists) who could never win an argument through intellect and logic, but used intimidation. The picture says it all.

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