Obama: "all countries are close allies"– strong America baaaad!

“A successful president is bad for the country”

Imagine if this contemptuous clown were a Republican. The media would be feasting on his carcass. Let’s be honest, if this conceited jackass gets re-elected, all is lost. All together now, “corpse men!” (video thanks to many Atlas Shrugs)

Blacks have more AIDS than whites and its all because of ... racism, whitey, global warming.… whatever:

Why is the HIV virus 10 times more prevalent among blacks than other races?  According to the NAACP, it’s because of unprotected sex social inequality.

 Screw you Christians:

As Islamists Pledge to Wipe Out Christianity, Gov’t Study Says Not to Worry

President Obama to CBS: The Biggest Mistake of My First Term Was Not Explaining How Good My Policies Are

Mitt Romney responds: “No wonder Americans are losing faith in his presidency.“—Read More »

 Dreams from my real father: 

And yes, don’t ask about those college records:

They really hate Alan West

Lies, Damn Lies and the New York Times on Israel

Earlier this week a non-partisan judicial committee in Israel, headed up by retired Supreme Court justice Edmund Levy, released it’s report on the legal status of Judea and Samaria. The main finding of the report was the legality of the Israeli settlement in the disputed territory.

6 thoughts on “Obama: "all countries are close allies"– strong America baaaad!”

  1. I want Col. West for Pres of the US. I dont understand why he could not run already as vice president this time? And why are the Jews in the US so suicidal to vote for the Jew hater, Obama? No, seriously: WHY?

  2. Jay,
    I am reasonably certain the labor politicians are biasing the council. If you are organizing a vote do so on honest grounds – you need to demonstrate that having a mosque is a very bad idea so you need to do your home work. You can ask for help on this page because people can assist you in collating facts relating to abuse of mosques by muslims (ie usage of mosque for purposes of violennce). You need a solid argument, and you need to pass the vote, and the reasons for it also onto the media, because labor will lie and try to deceive the public. You must keep everything open and honest. Expect that the labor twats and their PC accomplices will use aggressive tactics to silence you – there is risk involved.

  3. @Jay, Good Luck if your organizing a vote.

    Remember to push back, if they start using the false argument that you are being a racist to silence you. Islam IS NOT a race. It is a religious choice. Don’t allow yourself and others to be bullied into silence.

    Best of luck.


  4. I have pleaded with West to run and he will not. I didn’t even get an answer from him about it. he would be good for this country he would know how to deal with these muslims. that ob loves so much.

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