“Ramadan is the month of attacks and conquest. According to the tradition, whenever the Prophet planned an attack, he aspired that it should be in the month of Ramadan…”

The above quote is from a Dr. Hussein Hussein Shehata, an ‘Islamic professor’ at Al-Azhar in Cairo.

Shehata also  advocates financial jihad:

 Through financial jihad, according to Shehata, Allah gives wealthy Muslims the opportunity to allocate some of their money for da’awa (literally, the call for Islam), the Islamic effort to teach or to convert people to Islam.

 A little jihad history here….

Well, its Ramadan again.

The holy month of Ramadan of the Islamic lunar calendar starts today. Muslims, throughout this month, will observe a dawn-to-dusk fast by abstaining from all kind of food, drink and even smoking.

The month of Ramadan is perceived as a month of fasting and prayer but this month was also a very important month for the early Muslims in regards to battle and Jihad. Mohammed, the prophet of Islam made some of the vicious attacks in this month such as the battle of Badr, Hittin and ‘Ain Jalut.

“Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not”. [Quran 2.216]

On the other hand, western Muslim propagandists try to explain Jihad as a means of inner struggle. The reality is that the term Jihad stands for Islamic conquest.

It begins:

Muslim shouting “Allahu akbar” tries to grab Olympic torch

The 17-year-old tried to wrestle the torch from Anna Skora

Calm down. He just wanted to light his cigarette, you greasy Islamophobe. Islamic supremacist intimidation at the Olympic opening ceremony: “Teenager shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he tries to grab Olympic flame from torch bearer’s hands as police bundle runner to safety,” from the Daily Mail, July 20

Remember: in Muslim countries, you must respect Islamic practices and sensitivities. And in non-Muslim countries, you must respect Islamic practices and sensitivities. Islamic Tolerance Alert from the Kingdom of the Two Holy Places: “Saudi warns non-Muslims: respect Ramadan or else,” from The Associated Press, July 20 via JW…..

Respect? We do. They don’t:

9/11 mass murderers demand no hearings during Ramadan – Jihad …

Ramadan is a month of Jihad

The history of Islam is full of other examples of great battles in the month of Ramadan.  Curiously, Muslims in the west would have us believe that it is ‘holy’ to them. We should disregard these idiotic demands totally: Ramadan has no significance for us and if Muslims do what their religion teaches, they become terrorists. So we better keep watching them, closely.

Naive, clueless western politicians like Bob Carr are running around wishing Muslims a ‘happy ramadan’ (while  squandering our money on idiotic projects like building mosques and madrasses.)   Muslims like  Diana Abdel-Rahman are sitting pretty behind enemy lines lecturing those who oppose the Islamic expansion program: “it was disappointing that such material was being distributed on the eve of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan”.

Needless to mention that the enemedia is completely compromised and  will carry water for the muselmaniacs till the well runs dry.

No, its not like Christmas….

…and this guy is no  Islamic scholar:  Bruce Lawrence, who calls himself an ‘Anglo-Mohammedan, a Christian who believes in the Koran,” – is a lunatic.

A Jordanian man looks at decorations for Ramadan in Amman, Jordan,Thursday, July 19, 2012.

Here’s a list of historical Ramadan activities:

The relationship between Ramadan and Jihad (fighting) in the way of Allah

Ramadan, the first year after Hijrah (migration):

The first military detachment in Islam was formed under the leadership of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and about them the following Ayah was revealed: “And fight in the Way of Allâh those who fight you, but transgress not the limits. Truly, Allâh likes not the transgressors. [This Verse is the first one that was revealed in connection with Jihâd, but it was supplemented by another (9:36)].” [Surat Al Baqarah: 190].

The first Ramadan in 666 AH:

King Al Zhahir seized Antioch and expelled Tatars.


The tenth of Ramadan 1393 AH:

Crossing the Suez Canal, destroying the Bar-Lev Line, and eliminating the myth of the Israeli army which was unbeatable.


11 Ramadan 880 AH:

Muhammad Al Fatih gained victory and subjugated the Tatars in the Crimean peninsula to the rule of the Ottomans.


11 Ramadan 1126 AH:

Ottomans retook Archipelago of the Aegean Sea.


14 Ramadan 1218 AH:

The eruption of a demonstration from inside Al Azhar Mosque against the French occupation.


16 Ramadan 4 years before Hijrah:

`Umar ibn Al Khattab announced the necessity of declaring the Islamic call.


17 Ramadan 2 AH:

The great battle of Badr.


19 Ramadan 939 AH:

The Turkish Sultan, Sulayman Al Qanuny besieged (Vienna) the capital of Austria.


22 Ramadan 2 AH:

The Prophet’s invasion to Banu Sulaym as a response to their conspiracy with his enemy in the time of adversity and war.


22 Ramadan 1251 AH:

The hero `Abdul-Rahman Al Jaza’iry led the war against the French.


25 Ramadan 658 AH:

The Battle of Ain Goliath which stopped the advance of the Mongols in the East.


28 Ramadan 1303 AH:

Al Mahdi army defeated the British occupation army and Al Mahdi settled down in Sudan.


Moreover, in Ramadan there were two great victories from the greatest in the Islam conquests which were the opening of Makkah in which the last idol of the Pre-Islamic Era was destroyed in order that the people would enter in the religion of Allah in groups and there the truth has come and the falsehood was vanished. The second opening was (the opening of Andalusia) which conveyed Islam to Europe and caused the light of Islamic civilization to enter into Europe and placed Europe at the age of renaissance. Today, the conditions were reversed and Muslims lagged behind, whereas the European advanced, so, when will Muslims make a new opening in the field of civilization in order to be at the level of responsibility toward the Islamic religion which Allah entrusted to them?

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  1. Happy TISHA BEAV next week, Sheik !!!

    Tisha Beav in 2012 is on Sunday, the 29th of July.

    Note that in the Jewish calander, a holiday begins on the sunset of the previous day, so observing Jews will celebrate Tisha Beav on the sunset of Saturday, the 28th of July.

    Or ‘ Tisha B’Av’ (help·info) (Hebrew: תשעה באב‎ or ט׳ באב, “the Ninth of Av,”) is an annual fast day in Judaism, named for the ninth day (Tisha) of the month of Av in the Hebrew calendar. The fast commemorates the destruction of both the First Temple and Second Temple in Jerusalem, which occurred about 655 years apart, but on the same Hebrew calendar date.[1] Although primarily meant to commemorate the destruction of the Temples, it is also considered appropriate to commemorate other Jewish tragedies that occurred on this day, most notably the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492.[2] Accordingly, the day has been called the “saddest day in Jewish history”.[3]
    Tisha B’Av falls in July or August in the western calendar. When the ninth of Av falls on Sabbath (Saturday), the observance is deferred to Sunday the tenth of Av. While the day recalls general tragedies which have befallen the Jewish people over the ages, the day focuses on commemoration of five events: the destruction of the two ancient Temples in Jerusalem, the sin of ten of the twelve scouts sent by Moses who spoke disparagingly about the Promised Land, the razing of Jerusalem following the siege of Jerusalem in 70 CE, and the failure of the Bar Kokhba revolt against the Roman Empire.
    The fast lasts about 25 hours, beginning at sunset on the eve of Tisha B’Av and ending at nightfall the next day. In addition to the prohibitions against eating or drinking, observant Jews also observe prohibitions against washing or bathing, applying creams or oils, wearing leather shoes, and engaging in marital relations. In addition, mourning customs similar to those applicable to the shiva period immediately following the death of a close relative are traditionally followed for at least part of the day, including sitting on low stools, refraining from work and not greeting others.


  2. Re. the flame incident – it was a young muzleputz that tried to ruin the games – a young one – who probably grew up in the UK – and some folks try to tell you that islam make a contribution!!!!!

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