First Blood: Ramadan Bombs Go Off in Thailand

For the perps from AP the Ramadamadingdong is more important:

Millions of Muslims began fasting Friday at the start of the holy month of Ramadan in Indonesia and Thailand, where the somber occasion was marred by two bomb blasts that killed one person and injured seven, officials said.  ABC News

Other offerings:

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Hindu Student Hacked to Death…  “Activists” of Islamist students’ organization Campus Front of India brutally murdered an ABVP leader at Christian College at Chengannur in Kerala’s Alappuzha district. Two other ABVP workers were injured in the Islamists’ attack.


The Syrian ‘rebels’  Krauthammer  and so many others in the west want to support executed 22 Syrian soldiers in front of the eyes of Iraqi soldiers.”

A message from the Religion of Peace:

Stocked up on your Ramadan supplies?  Islam’s holiest month is here again.  As usual, TROP will be keeping a running  tally of dead bodies piled up by the Religion of Peace – against a combined count of those killed in the name of any other religion. Stay tuned for Ramadan Bombathon 2012