Seriously Deluded

“Bizarre delusion” –  A delusion that involves a phenomenon that the person’s culture would regard as totally implausible.

Americans Think Obama Could Battle Alien Invasion Better than Romney: Poll

Puff Ho takes this thosh seriously:

Anyone who has seen “Independence Day” knows that strong, capable leadership in the face of a hostile alien takeover is absolutely crucial.  (No shiite!)

Nearly two in three Americans think President Barack Obama is better suited than Republican rival Mitt Romney to deal with an alien invasion, according to a survey released Wednesday. (Seriously. They deserve it. They really  have it coming.)

30% believe US is better off than 4 years ago... Rasmussen

A testament to the enemedia’s power over perception and disinformation. (Pamela Geller)

Because She Can

I would be more impressed if she tried this in Tahrir square in Cairo:

Some news from Canuckistan:

 Racist Canadian Citizenship Test Fails More Would Be Immigrants!

“The new test appears to have widened the divide that separates successful and unsuccessful test takers by homeland, putting citizenship further out of reach for those who didn’t speak English or French before or have familiarity with Canada’s roots and customs.”–They say that like it’s a bad thing!  (BCF-Shorter Globe & Mail)

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  1. The results depend very much on how the data was sampled – my guess is that the test is biased and should be disregarded on statistical grounds.

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