The Freedom to Live Under Sharia

A letter from Iraq:

“Forcing all of us to be Muslim for a month”(JW)

 Our prime minister has ordered the closure of all liquor stores in the month of Ramadan.

As if that’s not bad enough, he has ordered all restaurants to be closed during the day. In his official letter he states: “The sale of breakfast and lunch (in the month of Ramadan) is strictly prohibited and actions will be taken against offenders.”


Court Chief Tells Merkel of ‘Freedom to be Atheist or Communist’

Muslims say the darnedest  things. They even have a constitution to prove it. But then… there’s Islam, and Islam supersedes everything:

Mahfud said that the nation would deny human rights and democracy if it denied atheists and communists their rights.

The chief justice’s comments come after a 32-year-old civil servant was imprisoned for 30 months for saying he was an atheist in June, and after local military commanders in East Java banned the television broadcast of an opera about Tan Malaka, a prominent Indonesian nationalist and communist, in 2011.

Modern, moderate Indonesia: Shi’ite cleric convicted of blasphemy, sentenced to two years in prison–“Convicted Shiite cleric: I am not an infidel,” by Indra Harsaputra for The Jakarta Post,

No religious freedom for Ahmadiyya, regardless of the constitution:

Indonesia: Muslim mob attacks Ahmadiyya community, injuring four

Meanwhile, Ahmadis in the U.S. carry water for the Muslims who kill them in Pakistan and Indonesia. “Four Injured as Mob Attacks Ahmadiyah Community in Bogor,” by Vento Saudale for the Jakarta Globe, July 13