Why are we sending huge amounts of money to people who hate us?

And why are we helping Muslims to settle among us, knowing that they disrespect and work against us, behind  what they perceive to be enemy lines in order to destroy us?

Here’s  interesting question from Senator Rand Paul; thanks to Vlad for the vid:

A Question for Jooliar Gillard

(from one of our readers)

“Prime Minister,  EU countries have taken in large numbers of Islamic migrants in the last half century with many now thinking it may not have been such a good idea with leaders like Germany’s Merkel and the UK’s Cameron saying multiculturalism has failed, while the general native populations in the normally liberal and tolerant Europe from The Netherlands to Switzerland are becoming increasingly vocal about slowing or even curtailing any further Muslim immigration due this groups high unemployment, high welfare dependency, being over represented in crime statistics, many failing to learn their hosts country’s language and a general lack of desire amongst them to not only assimilate but rather wishing to inflict their culture on everybody else. Over time the situation is only getting worse not better.  Australia’s intake of muslim migrants has been much less than Europe’s but none the less starting to now accelerate and most the problems Europe has experienced are now starting to occur here.

Would it not be prudent to at least conduct a review of this and determine whats in the best interests of Australia and Australians going forward on a matter that may change the social, cultural and economic landscape in this country for future generations?”

4 thoughts on “Why are we sending huge amounts of money to people who hate us?”

  1. Although I am, normally, not into conspiracy theories, I start to seriously doubt that even Gillard can be THAT stupid and wonder: is she doing the bidding of Obama?

  2. Angry, violent, murderous, evil, cruel, sadistic, insane, vicious, MAD DOG, demonic, terrorist, descendants of the servant woman of Abraham, ishmael.

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