Bulgaria: suicide bomber murders at least seven Israelis in bus attack

“Israel has previously warned Bulgaria of the threat posed by Hizbollah.”

  •  Netanyahu  sez “Israel will react strongly to Iran’s terror.”

“Israelis killed in Bulgaria bus suicide bombing,” by Marcus Dysch for The JC, July 18 (thanks to JW):

Netanyahu says Iran behind Bulgaria jihad mass-murder

Act of war jihad. “Israeli PM Points to Iran in Deadly Bulgaria Blast,” from ABC News, July 18


Official: Six dead, 30 injured in explosion on Israeli tourist bus

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has confirmed a number of Israelis have been killed in an explosion on a bus carrying tourists in Bulgaria.

Thanks to Vlad we have video:

Given that Israel was excluded from the global forum on terrorism, they may not be feeling the need for an international committee to tell them how to respond. We all know what the ‘international community” will advise.

It is believed a suicide bomber boarded the bus outside the Sarafovo airport and immediately detonated his bomb. The Bulgarian Interior Ministy confirmed the explosion had been a terrorist attack.

Local media in the resort of Burgas claim the bus was packed with Israelis, possibly members of a young basketball team on their way to a training camp.

Reports suggest as many as seven people have been killed. At least 18 people have arrived at a local hospital to be treated for their injuries, while the airport has been closed in the wake of the attack. It is feared a pregnant woman was among those injured.

The explosion is thought to have occurred at around 6pm local time (4pm BST). A flight from Tel Aviv had arrived around one hour earlier. All flights from Israel to Bulgaria have now been suspended.

The bus is believed to have been an airport shuttle carrying the holidaymakers. Around 40 people were thoguht to be on the bus.

Cypriot authorites last week arrested a Swedish national believed to be a Hizbollah member suspected of planning an attack on Israelis.

Burgas is the second largest resort on the country’s Black Sea coast. It is popular with Israeli tourists and is home to a Chabad centre. Israeli teens are known to flock to the resort for their summer holidays.

Israel has previously warned Bulgaria of the threat posed by Hizbollah. Bulgaria has a Jewish community of around 7,000.

In January a suspicious package was found on a bus carrying Israeli tourists from Turkey to Bulgaria, leading Israel to request additional security for its tourists travelling in the country, according to reports at the time in the Bulgarian press.

The Bulgaria attack coincides with the 18th anniversary of the fatal bombing of a Jewish community centre in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which killed 85 people and wounded hundreds….

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  1. I would agree that iran is responsible. Please note that the game is to make sure that we are forced to spend our resources in defending against all possible attack – this leaves the islamic slime some freedom to conduct certain operations because our resources are stretched. Expect for of the same from the muslim world. We can ease the situation by removing the appeasers from any position of political influence.

  2. Netanyahu sez “Israel will react strongly to Iran’s terror

    I hope he does !!! But I can already hear the violons being tuned for the concert: “It’s da Jews who did it so they have an excuse to attack Iran”.


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