Willary Clinton said Moscow and Beijing must 'pay a price' for backing Assad.

Madness. Megalomania & Stupidity.  Clinton is doing the dirty work for the Muslim Brotherhood while threatening Russia & China.

The hide &  hubris of this despicable woman is mindboggling. Assad is no better (or worse) than any of the other Middle Eastern dictators.  But deposing him will bring the MuBro’s to power and bring us closer to the caliphate. In who’s interest could that possibly be?

Assad is no friend of the west, but getting rid of him will enable the Ikwahn to annihilate the Alawites.  And they already are slaughtering what remains of Syria’s Christians. Is that in our interest?

Moscow and Beijing will be punished for supporting the regime of President Bashar Assad in Syria, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton harshly stated at the “Friends of Syria” meeting of over 100 Western and Arab nations in Paris on Friday.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has strongly condemned Syrian President Bashar Assad, and she’s gone as far as to say Syria won’t see peace until he gives up power and leaves.

“Assad has doubled down on his brutality and duplicity, and Syria will not, cannot be peaceful, stable or certainly democratic until Assad goes,” Clinton said during a news conference in Istanbul.–Read Full Story

No doubt the MuBro’s will make Syria ‘peaceful, stable and democratic’. (Sarc/off)

No shiite:

Clinton: Russia and China will ‘pay price’ for supporting Assad

Russia rejects in the strongest possible terms allegations that it supports President Assad in the Syrian conflict. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Moscow and Beijing must ‘pay a price’ for backing Assad.

And then she went off to Afghanistan to pay the jiziya. 

Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, has arrived in Kabul on an unannounced visit for a conference in which Afghanistan is set to seek billions of dollars in civilian aid.

It gets worse:

The United States has given Afghanistan the status of “major non-Nato ally”.

The designation, which includes countries such as Australia, Egypt and Israel, gives preferential access to US arms exports and defence co-operation.

Clinton threatens Russia and China at “Friends of Syria” Meeting.

Last Friday delegates of good and well 100 Arab, Western, and mainly Western-Allied nations met in Paris under the umbrella of the “Friends of Syria”.  As already pointed out in a previous article about the previous meeting of the group, one is tempted to ask the question “With such good friends, who needs any enemies ?“.(1) The group of “friends” have been very active in their friendly activities since that meeting in February 2012. Thus, the terrorist activities, including kidnappings, bombings of civilian infrastructure, the bombing of radio stations, the murder on journalists have increased. With their friendly help, the friends of Syria have succeeded at beefing up the NATO/GCC led mercenary army in Syria to such a degree that it could commit the friendly act of mass murder in Al-Houla, not to speak about the daily massacres that are taking place in their befriended Syria, which are paid and financed by them.

The vultures, sorry, I mean “friends” are so kindhearted that they are already establishing a bureau in Berlin, which is sponsored by Germany and the United Arab Emirates. Naturally, a real friend will make sure that he can earn a little on rebuilding the country for which destruction he has been investing oh so much. The details about the establishment of the “Friends of Syria Office” in Berlin were described in a previous article. (2)

Everything could look rather positive for the group of friends, was it not for the fact that they were badly defeated by Russia and China on the diplomatic front.

The Western and Arab Corporate and State Sponsored Media are keeping populations in la la land. Not a word about the fact that Syria has held fair elections has reached the public. They have succeeded in hiding the fact that Syria already has an all inclusive new government, with members of the new parties holding key ministry positions. The propaganda machine works flawless.

The flow of weapons that kills thousands of Syrian civilians and military personnel  in “Friendly Fire Incidents” is working perfectly. There are plenty of terrorist brigades from Al-Qaeda´s LIFG and Omar Brigade, from the Muslim Brotherhood and others, who are fighting the “Holy NATO War of Imperialism and Modo-Colonialism.”

One of the really great propaganda victories is, that both Arabs and Westerners were made to believe that the crackpot dictators from Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar are interested in exporting “Democracy and Human Rights“. What a joke. So – everything would be a land of milk and honey, was it not for those bad kids, Russia and China, who succeeded in blocking for another full scale kinetic humanitarian mass homicide Libya Style.

No military intervention in Syria, no foreign interference, no solution that is dictated from abroad is acceptable” was the loud and clear message from those uncivilized human rights violating, warmongering, tyrant supporting maniacal countries Russia and China.

Peaceful and kindhearted human beings like Clinton and Obama and all the other real friends of Syria are naturally appalled and outraged by such bad behavior. Consequently, Hillary Clinton stated at the “Friends of Syria Meeting” in Paris, that Russia and China “will pay a price“. Right Hillary, give it to them !

The question is, how can the Friends of Syria really punish Russia and China for their bad behavior? To make the question more easily understandable: “What can they possibly do to make things worse than they already are?”

What else, short of overt military aggression against Russia and China is there left ? More troops to the Philippines and Thailand to threaten Chinese trade ? Already done.  Drag Russia into a long and protracted war in the Middle East, Afghanistan-USSR Style ? That´s of course an option. Manufacture another confrontation in Ossetia ? Not unlikely, since Rambling Rummie Rumsfeld has just been on a visit to Georgia. Riots in Tibet ? IT´s always possible to play the Dalai CiaLama Card. Color revolution in Belorussian cities ? Already tried it, but maybe a second attempt will be more successful ? More executed Iranian nuclear scientists ? Right, the Mossad boys are good at that kind of friendship. Some millions funneled to subversive elements in Russia and China ? Already done and it did not work with Putin at the helm. But – there are plenty of options. Increased pressure against Chinese interests in Africa – rare earth metals ?

No, that´s dumb, because the US needs the products that are made in China, the US/NATO military capability is overstretched already, the economy is in shambles and resources are rare – but then again, who said that one has to be particularly intelligent in order to become a “Friend of Syria“.

It´s with The Friends of Syria as it is with the Hells Angels. You qualify if you have the right criminal record and blood on your hands.

Christof Lehmann

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  1. Hildahoof is nothing more than a wailing sharmuta & a laughing stock to boot.

    Simple solution: Put cattle grates around DC to keep her out.

  2. Great article. I don’t think I’ve seen that many Kalashnikov’s anywhere else.

  3. @BayouCoyote

    The whole entire Obama administration is a laughing stock and comes across as weak, especially with their sycophantic relations with the international community a la Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the M.E.

    Hopefully there is only five more months of these ineffective fools in office.

  4. Hill,
    Do not bet on it – Obama and cronies will tamper the election results to win, and they could get away with it because, since the elections will be help in the US. many people will not believe that they would try too.

  5. Hilary is the new Albright. Its going to be the same demented result. The strengthening of islam. The minute the US goes up against Assad all right thinking Americans should go out and protest and stop this war. Assad has not fucked over America and he is sitting on a bunch of Sunni fanatics who will turn Syria into Saudi Arabia. Hilary is the leftist fool of the 21 st century.

  6. Hilary the new Albright. All she will do is strengthen islam like her demented predecessor. The minute the US conducts any aggression against Syria there should be demonstrations and desertions from the US army

  7. @kaw,

    Sadly, I agree with you and fear you are right. there will indeed be voter fraud, but the question is will it be the causation for a revolt?

    IMHO there is a lot of American’s waking up and either feel under attack by the administration or that the Administration and DOJ are behaving in a neo-communist manner to fundamentally change the face of America.

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