Allahu akbar! Sydney headbanger meets virgins, in Syria!

Pity that so few hear that higher calling.

Sheikh Mustapha al-Majzoub died on Sunday when he was hit during a rocket attack,

Australia-based sheikh killed in Syria, reportedly while waging jihad against the regime

His family and associates deny that that was what he was doing, insisting that he was a gentle, peaceful soul whose whole life’s mission was peace. But he himself wrote about how some Muslims who are sweet and gentle among their fellow Muslims are lions on the battlefield. That doesn’t mean that he himself was fighting on the battlefield, of course, but clearly he would have had no objection to doing so, contrary to the implications of his family’s statements. “Sydney sheikh killed in Syria: reports,” by Leesha McKenny for the Sydney Morning Herald, August 21 (thanks to David):

A POPULAR Sydney sheikh and teacher has been killed by a rocket attack in Syria, his family in Australia has confirmed.Sheikh Mustapha Al Majzoub died on Sunday while carrying out humanitarian and charity work in conflict-torn country, the family said in a statement, which also thanked the community for its support and messages of condolences.

‘‘Although it is a time of sadness as we have lost a much loved member of our family, we are honoured that Sheikh Mustafa died doing what he has been doing his entire life – selflessly serving the community for the sake of pleasing God,’’ it said.

Not. He was waging jihad to please allah…….

He was buried in Syria yesterday with his funeral presided over by his brother, Sheikh Fedaa Majzoub, the only Australian member of the opposition Syrian National Council,

Due to the difficulties accessing information from Syria, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is yet to confirm Sheikh Al Majzoub’s death, or whether he is the first Australian to die in Syria’s ongoing conflict.

Tributes for the well-known sheikh, who was of Syrian heritage, have flooded social media sites ahead of a gathering to be attended by his family in Lakemba tonight.

The NSW counter-terrorism command would most likely be keeping a close eye on the situation, given its potential to further inflame simmering tensions between Sydney’s Sunni and Shiite communities over the Syrian conflict.

The former teacher at the Unity Grammar School in western Sydney travelled to the country on humanitarian grounds in June, but the circumstances of his death remained unclear as news began reaching the community in Australia amid celebrations to mark the end of Ramadan.

Some initial reports stated that Sheikh Al Majzoub was leading a rebel platoon in the northern town of Salma when he was hit, a prospect dismissed by family and community leaders.

Lebanese Muslim Association president, Samier Dandan, said he believed the brothers were facilitating talks between the leaders of rebel groups that may need to work together after the conflict, rather than being directly involved in any fighting.

“Because of the calibre of individuals that they are, you need them at that higher level trying to build bridges between all the different groups,” he said.

‘‘People like that, honestly, even if I was an army commander I would not be putting them in the front line because they would have no experience whatsoever. ”

Islamic Friendship Association of Australia spokesman Keysar Trad, who believed Sheikh Al Majzoub was in the province of Latakia at the time of his death, also dismissed suggestions he was involved in fighting as “far fetched”.

“Some sort of a rocket was fired on his town from about 50 kilometres away by the Syrian regime soldiers, indiscriminately shelling his town and he was killed, unfortunately,” he said.

“A man of the cloth whose mission in life is to bring peace to those around him and attend to their spiritual needs was mercilessly killed by the dying Assad regime.”

The crack journalists at the SMH then repeat a paragraph from above in its entirety:

The NSW counter-terrorism command would most likely be keeping a close eye on the situation, given its potential to further inflame simmering tensions between Sydney’s Sunni and Shiite communities over the Syrian conflict.Mr Dandan said Sheikh Al Majzoub was respected in the community as amoderate, and for his work with Australia’s Muslim youth.

“He was quite a family man, a loving father. He cared a lot for what is happening in Syria,” he said.

In January, Sheikh Al Majzoub addressed a Bankstown protest rally in support of the Syrian uprising against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, speaking about the need to support the oppressed anywhere in the world, in particular Syria.

In his final Facebook post on August 3, he wrote that he had learnt not to judge a man by appearances of strength, “rather judge him by his steadfastness at calamities and on the battlefields“.

I met brothers here who from the first instance you might think they are too merciful or weak (due to the way they treat other Muslims), however on the battlefields they are lions that roar,” he said….

46 thoughts on “Allahu akbar! Sydney headbanger meets virgins, in Syria!”

  1. It is wise for infidels to pack their belongings and move to an Oasis that respects cultural diversity. The Mujahedeen has awakened; they will not be merciful to Idol worshippers and non-believers.
    Allah and Muhammad have spoken.

  2. I’m always suspicious of these “deaths”. To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of jihadi deaths could be greatly exaggerated, a convenient trick to enable a viper like this to resurface in a few years on some fartwa committee or heck, maybe some plum professorship in what passes for academia in the U.S.

  3. A sheikh? He looks like a kid pretending to be Abe Lincoln. But really he was a monkey pretending to be a lion. He was probably a head whittler who got carried away with his zeal and tried to take on a tank. Now he has to choose between the raisins the virgins and the small boys.

    I seem to recall Keysar being a supporter of Assad. I guess you have to support a muslim in his confrontation with the infidel even if they are REAL murderers and REAL ethnic cleansers. In all honesty Shite Sunni two sides of the same coins and they both engage in what they accuse the Israelis. Still Keysar can forget the Sunni vs Shia stuff and join up when Israel demlolishes a terrorist house and call it the worse crimes. He would give Assad a free pass if Assad was attacking Israel. This is why no one respects islam.

  4. Keysar suddenly dislikes Assad for murder, bombings on ramadan, rape and the weather. Stuff that Keysar points at Israel for even though he and his muslim friends would do all that to the jews if they had a chance. I am sure Keysar liked Gaddafi and Assad when they were sticking it to the west. But evil men are only good when they are doing evil for muslims. That is why no one respects Islam.

  5. A shiekh? whats the qualifications? This kid looks like Abe Lincoln with a tea cosy

  6. Who knows Angry – the local islamic communitiy will suddenly invent all sort of accomplishments – and there is also no guarantee that the muz is dead.

  7. Just read the muslim comments in the media – rather predictable – the muz was killed fighting against the Syrian government for islamist – nothing more – nothing less. What I would like to know is why it was given a teaching position in a school. I also find the muslim attempts to blame his death on the Assad regime amusing – didn’t his “buddies” start a war with Assad and what exactly do they expect Assads followers to do. Other points can be deduced in the replies by muz readers to the media – and they simply suggest that we are better of without this muslim thug. No real pity for his family – he put islam first before his country and Australia does not need nor want him and his ilk.

  8. Just wait for it.

    A stone monument or a gigantic statue of this bearded turd burgler. Can see it now and funded by the Australian taxpayer.

    Mustapha was like all the other useless parasytical leeches, just another sh*t stain on the underpants of humanity.

  9. Can I take another tack, Ironside? I think it is tragic what Islam does to the minds of these potentially decent people whose brains are addled by Islam from birth. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t fight them with all my strength, but the delusion they operate under is a tragedy for them as well as humanity generally. I have met Muslims who are very bright, but a part of their brain is locked in by this loyalty to the deceit of Mohammed. Only the very best and brightest of them leave…for now. Hopefully these ones will lead the other Muslim sheep away eventually. If not we have to subdue them as necessary.
    As much as I hate Islam, I think what you said is horrible and uncalled for.

  10. islame is not a religion, its a cult and I dont care how many times “they” tell me different. I calls ’em like I see’s ’em !
    Mustlames have no place in western society. Keep out is my advice. Stay in Sandia and beat your wives. I dont think mustlames in North America have much of a future. We dont want you here. Why are you still coming??

  11. sheikyermami August 21, 2012 at 9:42 pm


    A beard!

    LOL absolute classic

  12. PJG,
    I can understand what you’re saying but i’ve had a lot of terrible things said to me by Muslims and personally I couldn’t give two crackers if I upset them.

    When their mindset is deadlocked its up to them to join the human race and shake off the shackles of death. Only when they curve their insatiable lust for death and destruction i’ll give them respect.

    But that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

  13. When they say humanitarian aid in syria all that means is he was a sunni freedom fighter on the behalf of the muslim brotherhood. bye bye birdie

  14. I read on Andrew Bolt’s blog:

    [quote]Sheikh Al Majzoub taught at the Unity Grammar College in Austral, an Islamic school, until earlier this year.

    Its principal, Walid Ali, said…[/quote]

    This Walid Ali really seems to be omni-present, spreading Islam all over the place : ABC radio, ABC TV, SBS, and even guest hosting at the increasingly dhimmy Chanel 10 “Project” from time to time.

    As to that “Sheikh”, if he is “Australian” why did he not rather fight at the side of our Australian Soldiers in Afghanistan? He wouldn’t be on the “other side” there too now, would he, like shooting at our boys?

    Anyway, as someone said above: Good riddance.

  15. The Sheik said:

    A beard!

    hehehe – is that why they dont have Muslimas sheiking?

  16. Incidentally, if you get a chance to hear Daniel Pipes speak, listen to his take on the Syrian situation. While Assad may not be a nice man, the Muslim Brotherhood, sponsored by Hussein Obama to follow him into power, will make him look like Mother Theresa.

  17. Why don’t we send all those military age boat people that come here unannounced over to Syria to help out their muzzi bros and live up to the ‘Sheiks’ ideals instead of sponging off our dole?

    God these stooges are getting tiresome!

  18. It is always the same old, same old from the parents.

    ” insisting that he was a gentle, peaceful soul whose whole life’s mission was peace.” Blech!!! Yeah sure.

    Peace in the Muslim sense, not the non violent Peace as defined by the rest of the world.


    A beard!

    Very funny!

  19. You all are a bunch of racist redneck haters….. You think it’s a joke having someone killed this way…. Grow up and educate yourself and you will find that Islam is the one and only true religion. At the time of judgment we will see who will be having the last laugh you arrogant bunch of S*** heads. And as for Joe learn how to spell before you embarrass yourself like that I’ll give you a free lesson you idiot…
    Firstly it’s Islam not islame you moron. Secondly It’s Muslims not mustlames you D******* and thirdly it’s Saudia not Sandia you stupid being. Your not even worth being called a human you arrogant son of a b****. My deepest condolances go out to the family on losing a hero but also my greatest congrats to the family on raising a role model to all. You will be missed Shiekh Mustapha Allah yerhamak. May Allah reward you with the highest of all places al fardous inshallah.

    1. Muslim, learn how to spell …. and tell us about Moe’s bordello once you been there. (and back!)

      I promise we’ll believe you then, and we will all convert to Islame…

  20. Do you want me to stick my fist up your ass? Wash your mouth out with soap. Act like a man if you are one or a slug if you are the insect… you may be feeling hurt but do you have to use the “b” word??? What about the ladies here? I could resent that if I want to.

  21. @Joe keep up the good work! As sanctimonious pricks like Muslim are inherently unable to understand either sarcasm, satire and free speech and oh yeah, that Islam is NOT a race.


    Allah has rewarded him…with a special place in Hell, for cowardly little pussies who hide behind an 7th century religion that murders children and people who have a different world view.

    No, it is not a joke. It is good news as the world is now a better place for his death.

    The number of times you used the word ‘arrogance’ only reflects your own deep rooted inferiority complex.

    But, then knowing the hole where Islam originated from and knowing all the countries that have a large Islamic presence are still holes over a millennia later; countries that are socially, intellectually and mentally retarded, inbred antediluvian outposts.

    Anti-knowledge, antidevelopment and antibusiness practices are promoted by other uneducated peasants with beards so they can remain 7th century holes in a 21st century world.

    But, deep down you know this as a truth. And that is why the truth bothers you so much whilst hiding behind the accusation of arrogance. Because Allah is not on your side, Allah has bestowed the unbelievers with so much whilst Muslims/Muslim countries remain in a perpetual state of an arrested development of their own making.

    …and on the alleged ramblings of a murdering, insecure psychopath from the 7th century.

    One can see why you would feel so self consciously insecure.

  22. Whats funny is he doesn’t see that Joe is purposely misspelling the words:
    islame, Mustlames and Sandia,
    Muslim please read this:
    Q: Do you know what that thing on your head is?
    A: Its a brain sucker
    Q: Do you know what its doing?
    A: Its starving

  23. There is no point in trying to educate the arrogant. And btw you idiots I knew exactly what joe blows intentions where. Honestly you guys have absoultly no lives what so ever. If making a joke and being happy about someone dying and it being a highlight for your day. Honestly I feel sorry for you.
    Good luck

  24. @ Muslim,

    Who are you to educate us?

    Still sticking to being condescending and sanctimonious.

    Oh, we have lives, but your just a few minutes of entertainment here and there.

  25. Hi All,

    Great forum, I absolutely love seeing forums like these!!!
    It’s full of frustrated cowards who can’t vent their feelings publicly and instead hide behind a computer screen and talk about a person who isn’t here to defend himself. Didnt your mother teach you any manners – desicrating the dead what outstanding “Aussie values” you all display! What a bunch of losers I bet your mothers would be so proud of you and your dads as well if only you knew which loser your mother was sleeping with at the time is actually your father lol hahaha
    Your words have no value nor an effect on others rather they are only a reflection of your ignorance, stupidity and fear! Burn in hell losers!

  26. Rita you intelligent specimen of a female did it ever occur to you that there maybe two Walid Ali’s in the world and possibly Australia? Just another example of your ignorance, lack of knowledge and well basically your stupidity!!! Please stop making comments because you’re just demonstrating what a bunch of uneducated people you are!
    Jennifer in Oz, why don’t western powers stop the wars they have started in the countries that these people are coming from?? That way there would be no need for them to come here unannounced just as captain cook did! Oh hold on white Australian history was some what different to boat people – we should thank our lucky stars that these boat people aren’t poisoning our water supply and committing atrocities against us just as the early English settlers did to the true owners of this land!

  27. hey muslim why was he over there whittling the heads off christians and alawites? Secondly do you know if he was related to that girl about 15 years ago on 60 minutes who was running from her family. The dad got arrested for wanting to kill her as she was too Australian. She lived in Australia so what did this moron of a dad expect! If you don’t want to live like a westerner don’t come to the west.

  28. Kooky – western powers are in Afghanistan because of 9/11. USA WAS in Iraq to get rid of Saddam and in my opinion a misguided attempt to give muslims democracy. Now the USA is helping the muslim brotherhood take over so you should be singing their praises. Also you seem to forget that france UK etc ended up in North africa and middle eastern countries AFTER 1000 years of slave raids across the coasts of Europe.

    Lastly please prove the poisoning of Australian Aborigines as state policy. Please also cite where massacres were committed as part of policy. Also do not denigrate Australians or their ancestors with the accusation of land stealing. You had 100 people roaming over 100s of miles. Australian people bought their land from the crown unless they were squatters. Aborigines should take up their problems with the English crown. Most people in the early days were brought to Australia in chains. These boat people are coming voluntarily despite knowing the dispossession of the Aborigines. The rest of us were born here.
    In a cynical move you want more Captain Emads to increase your muslim community.

    Also Kooky stop your racist and supremacist comments against Australians saying that you think we are all the products of single parents. You are the product of when cousins marry. Think about that. You can leave those muslim values along with rape stealing etc back in the village.

  29. Kooky maybe if your rabid little brothers didn’t keep infiltrating the military and telling people they aren’t allowed to smoke a cigarette and walk their dogs you wouldn’t have to worry about it. You started the war come get it.

  30. @Kooky.

    “No value or effect”, eh?

    Valid and effective enough, that ‘you’ felt the compulsion nay the need to write, not once but two times.

    Targeting the women I see, just like the true cowardly misogynist that you are.

    Who is the “frustrated coward”; that would be you pathetic excuse for a man.

  31. @Kooky
    Nice to see one educated person on this forum rather than acting educated and intelligent.
    Keep it up.

  32. @joe Byrne
    Just for you information and to get your facts right. It’s the Alawite in Suria that have killed thousands of Syrian civilians. Get it right moron.


    Once again we see the replacement of bad with worse. Much worse. There is no more bloody, brutal, inhuman system than Islamic jihad and the sharia.

    Explosive Videos Reveal That The Syrian Revolution is Plain Evil

    1430 GMT: Syria. An ugly video…

    An anti-opposition Youtube account posts this video (really two clips edited together), claiming to show the Free Syrian Army having executed 16 prisoners in Douma, an embattled suburb of Damascus. The first clip shows the Free Syrian Army in possession of the prisoners, and the second clip shows them dead. Warning – graphic.

    Scroll down!

  34. @Muslim. You goon ! The massacres are being perpetrated by Sunni Al Qaeda jihadists on Alawites Christians Druze Kurds and Armenians. Then they dig up the bodies like Green Helmet and stick them on a video. What fool would believe the Saudi controlled media?

  35. Again do you know the Syrian Sunni family that sought the death of their daughter in Sydney so she had to run away? Do you really believe we want islamic values like this in Australia? If your patience is at an end with Israel who do 1/100th of what your al qaeda buddies and Assad are doing in Syria when do you think our patience will be at an end with you in our countries? The passport which you got from some do gooder can be easily revoked.

  36. @joe
    For your information I’m Australian no passport got me here… I’m proud to say that I’m a revert to Islam.

  37. Then you should go to Egypt and help build the islamic paradise. Go on show us what you can do. If islam is so great the muslims will build the best society there has ever been in Libya etc and we will all want to join up. As for reversion, well you weren’t born muslim so you converted. I am not sure when you think you existed before but it makes no sense. Were you a muslim in your past life? everyone is born muslim and then strays from the true path? You know Abdullah the scribe of Moe put in his own verse in the koran and realised it was all fake. You could be wasting your time. Just don’t do a David Hicks and find yourself in Guantanamo. Thats why mosques should be banned they cannot gurantee that a revert like you won’t go sudden jihad on everyone around them.

  38. Actually when I said no effect I meant in the scheme of things not on myself personally. You see all your words are hollow, insignificant if you like just like all of your miserable existence. You will have no effect on the way the world works and on whether Muslims succeed or fail or whether muslims will live Australia or in any part of the world. By the way shouldn’t a misogynist by definition be male??? And I agree I would be a poor excuse of a man – if I were a man! I just don’t like dumb women and men for that matter they make the rest of the species look like imbeciles. I guess that would make me anti dumbasses or in other words anti bogan! I’m Australian and I love Australia so I say to the rest of you this is Australia – love it or leave it!

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