Andrew C. McCarthy: the Huma Abedin/MuBro Spy Scandal

“Duty is Calling Us Now”: Former Federal Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy on Muslim Brotherhood in America–by Jerry Gordon

Andrew C. McCarthy, Former Federal, Prosecutor author and NRO columnist

Here is a link to the transcript of McCarthy’s briefing published by PJ media. Watch the C-Span  You Tube  video of his masterful presentation.

Yesterday, I watched  the Center for Security Policy briefing on the Muslim Brotherhood by Andrew C. McCarthy, former Assistant US Attorney for the Southern District in Manhattan and author of The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America . McCarthy was the prosecutor in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing federal trial in New York that resulted in the conviction and a life sentence for Egyptian blind SheikhOmar Abdel- Rahman for that plot and planned bombings of New York City landmarks.  One of the first actions by Egypt’s recently elected Muslim Brotherhood President, Mohammed Morsi, was to demand that Rahman bereleased  by President Obama from his federal Super Max prison and immediately returned home to Egypt.

McCarthy made reference to that demand from Egypt’s President Morsi and why federal prosecutors were successful in conviction of the blind Sheikh, a respected Islamic jurist who espoused jihad violence and was alleged to be a leader in the Egyptian terrorist group, al Gama’a al-Islamiyya . Al-Gama’a sought the overthrow of the Egyptian government and replacement with an Islamic Sharia compliant state.  It was responsible for several hundred terrorist attacks in Egypt.

McCarthy offered effective rebuttal evidence to both  Administration and Congressional criticisms of the five House members’ letter sent to Inspector Generals of several executive departments requesting internal investigations of the Muslim Brotherhood ‘presence’ in these  federal government agencies.  Most notably  a significant portion of McCarthy’s remarks were devoted to the swirl of controversy regarding Ms. Huma Abedin the personal chief of staff for Secretary Clinton, whose family has close ties to MB leaders and Saudi Salafists/Wahhabists.


McCarthy noted the Abedin family enterprise, The Journal of Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs (JIMMA) is edited by Saleha Abedin, a Saudi women’s college professor, leading member of the international MB sisterhood and Huma’s brother Hassan. As uncovered by Andrew Bostom, until 2008, Huma was listed as one of JIMMA’s editors. Among the luminaries on the JIMMA board was the venerable Middle east expert and Princeton Professor Emeritus Bernard Lewis who served from 1996 to 2006.   McCarthy  addressed the Abedin family connections  to Muslim Brotherhood preacher Yusuf al Qaradawi and terrorist  Group, the Union of Good, as well as connections to the  Saudi –backed World Muslim League co-founded by Said Ramadan, son-in-law of MB founder Hassan al-Banna.  Ramadan’s son, Professor Tariq Ramadan was given a Visa in 2009 by Secretary Clinton to teach at Notre Dame University, after a successful appeal in the New York Federal Circuit of Appeals. This despite evidence of funds provided to designated terrorist group and Muslim Brotherhood affiliate in Gaza, Hamas.  We posted on these developments and previous documentation released by the Center for Security Policy in our Iconoclast Post, “The Ties that Bind”.

Towards the end of McCarthy’s brilliant presentation, he makes the telling argument that the Muslim Brotherhood influence campaign should become an important, bi-partisan issue In the Presidential election campaign.  Having briefed Christian Zionists  here on the Gulf Coast  in late June on the Muslim Brotherhood influence campaign in America, I concur that average Americans will understand the grave nature of this threat to America and its special ally in the Middle East, the Jewish State of Israel.

Credit for this definitive rebuttal briefing by McCarthy goes to Frank Gaffney and the team at the CSP. Gaffney introduced   the presentation noting McCarthy’s experience in prosecuting Islamic terrorism cases and his acknowledged expertise in Shariah and the Muslim Brotherhood campaign in America.

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  1. Thank you 4ALL the Difficult work EXPOSING the JIHADIST DREAM of a Sharia Compliant CALIPHATE in the Middle East. We MUST BEG CONGRESS 2 REOPEN the INTERNAL SECURITY COMMITTEE in the House& the INTERNAL SECURITY subCommittee in the Senate. WE DEMAND a FULL INVESTIGATION into the RADICAL ISLAMIC JIHADIST w/in the Obama Administration both SecClinton & Big Brother Napalitano have GIVEN NATIONAL SECURITY CLEARANCES 2 MEMBERS of the WESTERN CIVILIZATION JIHADIST.

  2. …fascinating speaker, loved how he handled the Q&A, but even more so, clarifying the difference between ‘guilt by association’ and ‘fitness for higher office’ ; brilliant…

  3. McCarthy is too defensive and too apologetic. This is about high treason.

    This is a Marxist- Islamic coup whereby Obama, Clinton and a their backers are trying to destroy America and Israel.

    Too much is at stake, we shouldn’t be pussyfooting around anymore.

    We are not dealing with gentlemen here.

    I would prefer a more determined approach.

  4. Agreed, Shiekyermani!

    It’s time to break the “In case of emergencies” glass and start ground pounding all of our “domestic enemies”.

  5. I guess women will end up cleaning out the white house yet. we need more men doing the job they are suppose to do. that is why GOD made them stronger. in strength. and they are suppose to be wise butttt I wander at times. ob is so prissy acting. some times I wander about him.

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