Are Muslims Above the Law?

Sharia in action in Colorado: Muslims set off fireworks in defiance of ban, police told to ignore complaints

A statewide ban on fireworks is not a statewide ban on fireworks when Muslims are setting them off. To enforce the ban would be “Islamophobic,” doncha know.

“Sharia in Colorado: Special accommodations for a special class, Muslims,” from Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs, August 21:

Once again we see special rules for Muslims in accordance with the sharia and Islamic supremacism. Anywhere American law and Islamic law conflict, it is American law that has to give way.



Check this out from Atlas reader Chris:

Very few are talking about it here in Denver Colorado. American citizens were banned from celebrating our national birthday the Fourth of July. Fireworks were and are still banned unless it was to celebrate the end of Ramadan. I have asked several police officers what the huge fireworks show was and they replied that it was the local Islamic center celebrating. I then asked if the statewide ban on fireworks was still in effect and they said yes. So logically I asked did they have a permit for such a large display. The answer was no and that the police were not to respond to calls about it.

UPDATE: Pamela Geller has additional information:

UPDATE: On July 8, Colorado Governor John W. Hickenlooper issued an executive order that actually did lift the statewide fireworks ban: “I hereby rescind Executive Order D 2012-015. This Executive Order rescinds the state-wide ban on open burning, including campfires, warming fires, charcoal grill fires, fused explosives, and FIREWORKS.” See it here. He had issued the ban in an earlier executive order on June 14. This meant that Coloradans could not shoot off fireworks on July 4, but Muslims could at the end of Ramadan. And why did the police officers below not know that the ban had been lifted? Was it their malfeasance, or was the lifting of the ban not publicized for some reason, except tospecial groups?

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  1. Are Muslims Above the Law?

    It depends on which Law. They are not above sharia law though, which is what Muslims recognise.

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