Assam: Replacing the Natives With an Islamic Emirate

When the soldiers of allah move in, the natives are driven out:

“They were merciless. I saw men whose hands and feet were chopped off in front of me. We saw our houses burn down. But at least we’re still alive,” a devastated Banu Bibi tells us.

Prerna Suri, Al Jazeera’s correspondent based out of New Delhi, reports from across the region.

“Nobody has come to visit us. No journalists, not the government, nobody. We have been left to fend for ourselves”– “A lot of my family is missing, including a young cousin. The last I heard was that she was raped and then murdered…..”

Even al Jizz cannot hide the fuggly truth: 

For centuries, local tribes known as the Bodos have struggled to carve their own space and identity here. Despite being one of the original inhabitants of this area, they’ve struggled to maintain their hold over their land as new settlers came in.

Who are the “settlers?” Well, Muslim invaders of course, from neighboring Bangladesh, which is almost entirely ruined. Ruined by Muslims and Islam.

Khokhrajhar district is an area which straddles Bhutan. It’s well known for being a Bodo heartland and a hot spot for such clashes. For days, we heard about how rioting had begun in this area between Bodos and Muslims. And how the Muslims were escaping. But we couldn’t independently verify anything. The place was off-limits for journalists as mobs armed with weapons attacked each other’s communities. We decided to head out there last week to find out what exactly had happened.

The displaced are all native Bodos

After travelling for over six hours on the road , we arrived at Khokhrajhar. It looked like a ghost town. The shops were shut, there were a few paramilitary forces on the road and everything looked eerily quiet. Another hour on a dirt road and we reach yet another relief camp. This time the displaced were all Bodos. This was the first time we heard that Bodos too had been displaced. So far, all the media reports had pointed to an all-out Muslim expulsion. What we found here was anything but.  “A lot of my family is missing, including a young cousin. The last I heard was that she was raped and then murdered….”

A commenter on youtube tells it like it is:

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