Australia: Questioning the Islamic invasion of Australia is now 'hate-speech'

“Curb your sympathies”

THE Jewish community should not be misled by compassion from the Holocaust into supporting Muslim boat people, the owner of The Australian Jewish News has argued in an article condemned by some as hate speech.  (Barney Zwartz)

Questioning the Islamic invasion of Australia is now ‘hate-speech’.

SYDNEY (JTA) – An article on illegal boat people by the publisher of Australia’s main Jewish newspaper has ignited a storm of protest, with some critics savaging it for “vilifying Muslims” and promoting “xenophobic, Islamophobic and heartless sentiments.”–Down Under, a furor over a Jewish publisher’s attack on boat people, Muslims

Australian Jews blast publisher’s attack on illegal immigrants – Haaretz

Judenrat Arnold Zable, an award-winning author and refugee advocate who says he is alive today because his mother was a queue jumper, described Magid’s article as “one of the most ill-informed, factually inaccurate pieces on asylum seekers” he has ever read.

The actual article is hard to find; we have it here in PDF form.

Responding to the torrent of criticism, Magid said, “It’s not a question of who’s more compassionate. The Jews who had the gas chambers behind them would have gone to any country. I feel a hell of a lot more sympathy for people starving in Darfur. “These are the people who should have first priority, not people who have the money and cunning to jump the queue.”

It is hard to find the actual article, because the shriekers are stealing the oxygen.

 Hysterical tantrums from Larry Stillman who sees neo-Hansonites everywhere.

But this is the scary bit, it is ammo for the likes of Senator Cory Bernardi Islamophobes in the community at large, and those in the Jewish community who like to confuse the situation in the Middle East with local community relations.

Magid, meanwhile, is standing by his article, saying he believes that most Jews agree with him but “don’t have the guts” to say it.

Helping the soldiers of allah to  remove all obstacles in the way of islamizing Australia:

A planned Islamic prayer hall at the centre of a religious discrimination row is set to be approved after a push from City of Gosnells councillors.– A motion from Cr Julie Brown is expected to be passed, rescinding last month’s 5-4 vote to refuse further use of the Australian Islamic College Thornlie campus assembly hall as a public mosque.

 Beatrice Thomas, The West Australian 

All we need is tolerance, understanding…..

If you’re traveling by taxi this summer, chances are your driver is hungrier than usual. Nearly half of licensed drivers in the city are Muslim …   Story at Transportation Nation   (There is also an increasing trend to proselytise….)


Calls for change to Indonesia’s mosque loudspeakers

5 thoughts on “Australia: Questioning the Islamic invasion of Australia is now 'hate-speech'”

  1. The proselytising (taxi drivers) can go both ways. I give them a full serve: When was your family forced into Islam; you know it’s crazy; what’s stopping you from leaving? You mean you are too frightened?
    They are stunned by how much I know, and I give them the impression that all Aussies are Islamo-savvy these days.
    By the time I get out of their taxi, with a cheery goodbye, they are feeling somewhat queasy.
    I am convinced there are huge numbers of Muslims who would leave Islam but for fear.
    It’s good to remind them that it was OUR people, not theirs, who made this country a place eveyone wants to come to, and our people were not SISSIES…add to their lexicon while you are at it and bingo, your taxi trip has become worth the money!

  2. Sheik,
    I’m curious, what happened to the pdf in question, did google remove it?
    the only technical detail is ‘code 7’ …

  3. How the ‘Lateline’ geeks distort any debate:

    Jewish publisher sparks asylum seeker debate

    The publisher of Australia’s major Jewish newspaper has sparked a fierce debate by arguing the holocaust experience was generating misplaced sympathy for asylum seekers.

    TONY JONES, PRESENTER: An article by the publisher of Australia’s major Jewish newspaper has sparked fierce debate in the Jewish community about refugee policy.

    In a piece titled Curb Your Compassion, Robert Magid argued that the Holocaust experience was generating misplaced sympathy among Jews towards asylum seekers.

    Hamish Fitzsimmons reports from Melbourne.

    HAMISH FITZSIMMONS, REPORTER: When Robert Magid crafted his article for The Australian Jewish News, he never foresaw the vehemence of the response from his own community.

    ROBERT MAGID, PUBLISHER, AUSTRALIAN JEWISH NEWS: I think it is absurd. Nothing I’ve said had anything to do with racial hatred. Last thing I would be accused of if anyone knows me is of racial hatred.

    HAMISH FITZSIMMONS: He was accused of stoking anti-Muslim sentiment when he warned of an increase of Islamic extremism in Australia if authorities couldn’t verify the identities of asylum seekers arriving by boat. He also warned Jews should curb their enthusiasm for supporting boat people.

    ROBERT MAGID: What’s happened is the whole thing is skewed because we see images of people on boats fearing to be drowned and we feel compassion towards them but we don’t see the people who are waiting many years and who are eligible to come but are prevented from coming as a result of the queue jumping.

    MARK BAKER, MONASH UNIVERSITY CENTRE FOR JEWISH CIVILISATION: Jews have been a refugee community. They have been dispersed across many countries and often had to seek refuge and I think historically not only have Jews been on the receiving end of seeking asylum but they’ve also been at the forefront of defending the human rights of refugees, campaign for them as they do in Australia today.

    HAMISH FITZSIMMONS: In the piece, Mr Magid wrote: “the collective memory of Jews’ attempts to escape the Holocaust leads to sympathy for any immigrant whatever the situation.”

    ROBERT MAGID: Of course we should be compassionate but the compassion should be tempered by reason and I believe that by expressing my point of view, which is unsympathetic to illegal immigration, that I’ve trodden on a lot of toes for whom it is a sacred cow.

    HAMISH FITZSIMMONS: Arnold Zable is an author and human rights campaigner. He believes Robert Magid would change his opinion if he heard the stories of many of those so called queue jumpers.

    ARNOLD ZABLE, AUTHOR AND HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGNER: I invite him to come with me and speak to asylum seekers who have been tortured and traumatised, and traumatised in ways that take me back to what I experienced as a child with a mother who was so severely traumatised by having lost her family during those dark years known as the Holocaust.

    HAMISH FITZSIMMONS: Mr Magid says people who pay criminals to bring them to Australia are taking the place of others waiting for official approval. He’s critical of the claims Jews should be more compassionate because of the Holocaust.

    ROBERT MAGID: To bring that analogy to the situation of people who pay smugglers rather than wait for their turn to be accepted as refugees is not the kind of compassion that I support.

    ARNOLD ZABLE: I find that outrageous. The core issue here is putting ourselves in the shoes of those who are fleeing and if you put yourselves in the shoes of those fleeing, you want to make a better life for family. You want to get out of an oppressed situation and the situations are dire.

    HAMISH FITZSIMMONS: Others argue it is exactly the historical experience that makes Jews more accepting of refugees.

    MARK BAKER: The experience of the Holocaust bears out the importance of the story of compassion. There are in the post-Holocaust period millions of people who are from other countries who have experienced genocide, have experienced war, who are seeking a life in escaping the prospect of death, and I think that Australia should be receiving as many people as is possible.

    HAMISH FITZSIMMONS: Hamish Fitzsimmons, Lateline.

  4. When the fuck do we have a say on all this shit. There are thousands of Hazaras in Adelaide stopping traffic. Back in 82 when I hit town in my Rose tattoo t shirt going to bars etc Afghanistan? Hazaras? Why do we have to import every tribal crazy people on the planet. Who the fuck did this and when can we try them and shoot them for the traitorous cunts they are

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