Australia: stuck on stoopid….

African Cultural Enrichment

Usual suspects waste taxpayers money to make Africans & Muslims feel better

Members of Australia’s fastest growing migrant community have been acknowledged for their community contributions at the inaugural African-Australian awards in Sydney.

This gubmint is genius!

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Nauru doesn’t keep them away:

Still they come:

Boat people obviously don’t believe the Government’s threats:

THE navy has intercepted a suspected asylum seeker boat carrying 165 passengers off the West Australian coast…Earlier, Mr Clare said the customs vessel Hervey Bay had overnight found 77 asylum seekers on North Keeling Island, in the Cocos Islands.– Half the Nauru places would now be filled already. UPDATE: Two more

THE navy has intercepted another suspected asylum seeker boat carrying 77 passengers.

Great news! The Gillard Government wants to stop sending our navy to Indonesia’s waters to give boat people a lift.—Boat people will now be flown in instead

Michael Smith, the 2UE broadcaster who lost his job after asking the Prime Minister too many questions about the AWU scandal, has documents:  Michael Smith releases the documents.

 Muslims Most Violent of Welfare Seekers in Australia