Enough already: U.S Commander John Allen Excuses Muslim Troop Murderers

U.S Commander John Allen Excuses Muslim Troop Murderers

Dhimmitude is the status that Islam’s Sharia law imposes on non-Muslims, making them “…subject to a number of humiliating regulations designed to enforce the Qur’an’s command that they ‘feel themselves subdued.’” Threatened with being proclaimed “enemies of Islam [and becoming] fair game as objects of violence” should they rebel against their Muslim masters, dhimmis can forever be counted on to bend a knee in “chastened subservience” to the murderous legions of Allah.

Of course, the station of dhimmitude does not necessarily have to be FORCED on non-Muslims. Today there are many who willingly—even eagerly–submit to an existence of craven servitude. Newsrooms, universities and the Democrat Party are filled with these pathetic souls. And so, unfortunately, are the upper echelons of the United States Military.  (Pat Dollard)

Breitbart News reported that President Obama had placed Special Operations for America on his so-called “enemies list.”   — A new ad, titled “Bow to Nobody,” depicts Navy SEALs in combat situations; it then proclaims that they fight so that America will not have to bow to anybody.

Robert Spencer: U.S. Army Solution to Afghan Attacks: ‘Avoid Arrogance,’ ‘Respect Islam’

In PJ Media this morning I discuss how the new plan for halting “green on blue” attacks blames the victims — as usual.–There is more.

There can be no more perfect example of a cringing dhimmi than General John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan. Speaking via satellite last week to reporters at the Pentagon, Allen suggested that “…the rising number of attacks on U.S. troops by Afghan police and soldiers may be due in part to the stress on Afghan forces from fasting during the just-concluded Muslim holy month of Ramadan.”

Yep. Though Allen said the reasons for the murder of 10 American servicemen over the past month “are not fully understood and likely can be attributed to a variety of factors,” the general courageously honored the memory of his murdered troops—most of whom were shot down by Afghan security forces TRAINED by his own men–claiming that “fasting during the heat of summer and the peak of the fighting season” was a significant contributing factor in their deaths.

Coincidentally, this is the same General Allen who apologized so PROFUSELY at the beginning of the year for the unintentional burning of a number of Qurans at the Baghran airbase near Kabul. Addressing his sickening plea for forgiveness to the “noble people of Afghanistan,”—including, no doubt, the hundreds outside the base chanting “Die, die foreigners”– Allen did everything but slash his wrists in atonement for the tragic and unforgiveable deed. Naturally, he assured the throng that charred remains of the revered tomes would be “properly handled by appropriate religious authorities.” Presumably that will involve pious clerics in white gloves.

The link to Allen’s 1 minute, 27 second apology is included here. Watch it only on an empty stomach.

On August 10th, 6 US servicemen were killed in “rogue” attacks by “friendly” Afghan security forces. A week later, 2 were murdered by an Afghan policeman. All in all nearly 40 American soldiers have been killed since January by Afghan citizens ostensibly working WITH our troops to rid the nation of members of the Taliban.

But rest assured, NONE of these killings can be attributed to an Islamic religion which demands the utter subjugation or death of infidels and “foreign invaders.” For that would mean the honorable General Allen was responsible for shielding—even providing excuses for– those responsible in the death of his troops by embracing a phony and ultimately deadly mantra of political correctness. And no American commander could possibly do such a thing.

It’s behavior which is reserved for dhimmis only.

Read More at Western Journalism.  By Doug Book.

4 thoughts on “Enough already: U.S Commander John Allen Excuses Muslim Troop Murderers”

  1. What the hell is going on in the U.S. honestly this is really starting to get beyond a joke

    To think that the U.S. was/is supposed to be a beacon of light but bit by bit everyday it descends into absurdity.

    We see just about every week Soldiers being hung out to dry, abandoned, struck off and cast out onto the dung heap just so the rotten IslamoNazis can sleep in a fitful slumber.

    Stop the world I want to get off!!!!!

  2. This appeasement within our Military’s top brass has been rapidly developing under Obama and you can bet it will continue to grow under Mitt Romney.
    His supporters better be prepared for a baby setting service from hell, because they have a nasty watch ahead of them…Mitt will use every illegal bill and every illegal executive order to shore up his presidency and as was promised by him, he will continue the Islamic Brotherhood out reach programs installing our enemies within the institutions that were set up to protect us, Judge us and Teach our children.
    Prepare under Mitt, Islamic Judges, teachers, Military Officers and of course a Romney packed Islamic administration, his very own words my friends….

  3. One can only hope the U.S. military’s officer corps, who unlike enlisted personal does not swear an allegiance to the President, but to the United States Constitution, would, when finding that Constitution imperiled by a traitors usurper, do the right thing and defend the America Republic.

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