Australia's Asylum Shoppers

The method:

  • Ferry the muslim soldiers  a few miles off  the Indonesian Coast.
  • Put merchant shipping or the Australian government to massive expense doing dummy rescues.
  • Indonesian boat turns straight around carry next load.

Why were they ferried to Australia?

Played for fools. A fake rescue call from inside Indonesia waters – and Australia ferries another load of boat people to exactly where they want to go:

Merchant vessel Maersk Diadema was responding to a mayday call from (the Australian Maritime Safety Authority) on Monday when it steamed towards the asylum boat about 70 nautical miles southwest of Bali….

The crew of the MV Diadema, a 290m-long container ship, had finished bringing rescued passengers aboard from the small asylum boat when the Indonesian crew surprised them by getting back on to the wooden vessel, and headed for Indonesia

The 62 asylum-seekers who stayed onboard the MV Diadema were met by Australian Customs Vessel Triton, which took them onboard and delivered them to Christmas Island.

To Christmas Island? Why?

There is more….

Nauru filling fast, even before it’s open (Andrew Bolt)

Nauru filling fast, a month before the first beds will be available:

The AFP probe comes as another boat arrived, carrying 63 people, while a further 63 people were found on Cocos Island. Three more boats were expected.

Add them to the two other boats that have arrived since the Government warned that all new arrivals faced going to Nauru and we have 251 places already taken of the 1500 expected to be detained.


Unbelievable. As in, boat people don’t believe Labor’s threats:

Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare today confirmed the interception of four asylum-seeker boats carrying 63, 57, 40 and 31 people respectively. Each of the boats was intercepted yesterday.