BHO a Disciple of Marxist ‘Third World Liberation Theology,‘ Sees ’Jesus As Guerrilla Revolutionary’ Fighting Capitalism'

The anti-Obama movie “2016 Obama’s America” went into wider release around America today and is opening right now in first place at the domestic box office. The movie’s popularity demonstrates the massive, widespread loathing for Obama. Viewers are voting with their time and their wallets.

The MSM is shocked. Their only explanation? “Racism.”

Obama was elected because he was black.  He’s going to be fired because he’s incompetent.

Author Dinesh D’souza Reveals Obama Religion Theory: Disciple of Marxist ‘Third World Liberation Theology,‘ Sees ’Jesus As Guerrilla Revolutionary’ Fighting Capitalism

All true. Dinesh D’souza pretty much sums it up.  Not bad for a guy like Dinesh, who is himself a pretty conflicted former ‘colonial’.

But he still doesn’t get the basics: Obama is a Moslem more than anything else. Just look at what he does; don’t tell me he cannot possibly be a muslim because he doesn’t wear a coffee-filter, he doesn’t sport a zebiba and a beard: Hussein Obama proves it every day that his loyalties, his first and foremost concerns lie with the MuBro’s– he has done more for Islam than anyone at any given time in America.

D’souza explained that Third World Liberation Theology ”sees Jesus as a guerrilla revolutionary.  It sees the Romans as the capitalist system or the American power.”
In an exclusive interview with the Blaze, author Dinesh D’souza (”The Roots of Obama’s Rage”) made some eye-opening comments on the president’s faith grounding.

We asked D’souza, who’s also the driving force behind the move “2016: Obama’s America,” if he believes Obama is a Christian. D’souza, who has written extensively on the topic of faith and Christianity and is president of the Christian school The King’s College, answered that Obama is a disciple of the radical “Third World Liberation Theology.”

According to a global Christian definition site, this brand of Christianity openly subscribes to Marxist philosophy, their support for revolutionary movements, and their criticisms of traditional church institutions: “Marxism and liberation theology condemn religion for supporting the status quo and legitimating the power of the oppressor.”

D’souza also added that it is a “marginal, eccentric and some would say heretical” wing of Christianity.  He finished by saying that “What’s particularly interesting is it happens to be the theology of the president of the United States.  So, in my view he is not a Muslim.  He is fundamentally a secular guy. But to the degree he can be described as a christian he believes in this particular wing of Christianity.”

Obama and the Politics of Treason

Once again, politics, not the safety of the nation, is the primary factor at work.—Read More »


D’souza juxtaposes  the abject poverty and condition of a number of Obama’s direct relatives, including his aunt that sells coal on the street in Kenya, with Obama’s life. And it’s humiliating.

In fact, George “does not even use the name Obama,” the author alarmingly notes.  George said to him, “I’m ashamed, because the moment people find out my name they want to know ‘Well aren’t you related to Barrack Obama?  How come you are living in the slum?’ And of course there is no answer.”


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  1. I went with my husband to see the movie today. It was good! We went to the 5:15 show, hoping there wouldn’t be a lot of people there. The place was almost full. Couldn’t believe it! That is the ONLY time I’ve ever seen more than about a dozen people at an early show – and the only time I’ve seen a whole lot of people over 50 come out for a movie, clap profusely when it was done, and start chanting “no-bama.” Seriously. People were AMPED UP. And when we came out, people were already lining up for the 7:50 show.

  2. The Blessed John Paul II declared Liberation Theology as heresy and anathama to the Roman Catholic Church. Any R.C. clergy who espoused such ideology would be excommunicated.

    1. Jeremiah Wright’s ‘church’ is closely aligned with Louis Farraklowns Nation of Islam. The race hatred, the grievance theatre, the incitement and the inferior complexes combined with calls for genocide of the white race are identical. Its a false flag operation, and so is BHO.

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