Denmark: Enraged Muselmob Terrorizes First-Aid Ward

Vlad Tepes:

Update on Danish first-aid assault:

Frightened nurses and patients became victims of a raging mob of 60 – 70 young muselmaniacs, who stormed the first-aid ward at Odense Universitetshospital, monday night during a revenge-filled hunt for the 26-year old shooting victim who had been shot on the square in Vollsmose [Odense mohammedan ghetto], shortly before.

They shouted at the nurses that it wasn’t them they were out after, and when they didn’t find their victim, they started to rip pictures from the wall, smash vases and destroy the inventory with clubs in a real raging inferno, while hospital staff fled.


Museldoctor jailed for sex assault:

Would you want a doctor (whose  salary is paid for by your government)  a doctor who comes with a mental baggage of hatred against Christians and Jews, who believes that the killing of them is an Islamic duty? Do we really need more medical “trainees” who have no respect for infidel life?

A PERTH doctor found guilty of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old patient while examining her has been sentenced to two years and four months in prison.

Suhail Ahmad Khan Durani, 35, was convicted on three counts of indecently assaulting the woman by grabbing her breasts and two counts of digitally penetrating her.


AT least 70 doctors are practising medicine in WA despite breaches of professional conduct or concerns that their treatment could be substandard.

The newspaper can reveal that seven doctors have a restriction on their licence, arising from fears about sexual abuse.

Never ever put a Koranimal in a position of trust:

A (Musel-)man has been sentenced to a minimum of four years and 10 months in prison for defrauding three Sydney hospitals of nearly $3 million.

In sentencing Raheed Alahad Khan in the NSW District Court in Sydney on Friday, Judge Anthony Blackmore said the 37-year-old had provided no information about the whereabouts of the money and there was “no prospect” of its recovery.

Judge Blackmore described the former hospital employee’s actions as “conniving, calculated and extremely profitable for him”.

Khan, who pleaded guilty to three counts of obtaining money by deception in February this year, made false medical supply and paper orders to three fake companies while working at St Vincent’s and Mater hospitals and the Sydney Southwest Private Hospital in Liverpool.

With the help of fake invoices, the court heard that between 2003 and 2009, Khan carried out a “series of systematic frauds” on the three hospitals, amounting to just under $3 million.

“Payments were made for products that just never existed and therefore were never delivered,” Judge Blackmore said.

Khan had said that he had used the money to fund interstate trips, uniforms and registration expenses for a suburban football club, and had admitted that he got “a bit carried away”, the court heard.

At one point Khan said money was needed for a tournament in America but Judge Blackmore said the soccer club never went to the United States.

Mr Blackmore said Khan “was not a man of prior good character” and would “say or do anything” to reduce his criminality.

He also noted that Khan had a prior conviction for obtaining goods by deception.

He sentenced him to a maximum of six years and six months in prison, with a non-parole period of four years and 10 months.

Khan has been in custody since December 2011, so he will be eligible for parole on October 15, 2016.

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  1. newcommers cant believe their luck, finding such easy -pickings. in 5 years he will be reeleased & then RETIRE for life.

  2. Well done Denmark – isn’t integration wonderful!!!! Note to the left wing jerks supporting muslim immigration – if this carries on much further society will be trying you fools for treason.

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