Captain Renault, there is co-opting going on!

“Whirling dervishes with traditional live sufi music”

Anyone Wondering Why the Cops Favoured the Khomeinists Over the Good Guys at Toronto’s Al Quds Day Rally, Here’s Your Answer

 Scaramouche is onto it:
They’ve been co-opted by the Islamists and their useful interfaithy idiots. Gag moi with a tasty samosa:
At the Toronto Police Friendship Iftar Dinner, our guests were able to experience the centuries old Istanbul tradition of Ramadan Iftar Tent where people come to break their fest and celebrate the Ramadan festivities for 30 days. This year Canadian Turkish Friendship Community (CTFC) have set up the Ramadan Iftar tent to offer public iftar dinners with stage shows for 30 days and have kindly agreed to allocate one day for IDI Toronto and Toronto Police so that they could host community leaders. It was a great experience to break bread with neighbours from many different cultural backgrounds.
At the dinner, IDI Toronto was given Community Service Award 2012 by Toronto Police. Deputy Chief presented the award on behalf of Toronto Police. MP Ted Opitz, and Stephen White, assistant commissioner of RCMP addressed the audience, while MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan presented a certificate of thanks to IDI Toronto.
Wonderful performance of whirling dervishes with traditional live sufi music brought joy to the night.

Whirling dervishes; seething Khomeinists; dhimmified cops: they’re part and parcel of our eye-poppingly colourful multiculti tapestry, don’t ya know?


Muslim Dog Day Afternoon

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  1. The western world should organize a Hagia Sophia day. I mean who outside of Iran cared about “Alquds” back in the 1980s until the mass importation of “students” from the middle east? Now even leftard nutters are in on the act.

    A Hagia Sophia day can be an anti colonization, pro western culture civilization, anti islamization event. I am sure Greeks would get on board and they love demonstrating about ethnocentic issues and what greater one than this?

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